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Reply #45 on: December 30, 2017, 01:08:42 AM
Another wrinkle to the Youtube idea -- the "haul" posters are usually posting videos of stuff they've just bought. So, imagine the video opens with a disembodied whispering voice declaring that [fictitious Youtube fashion poster] is always highlighting new stuff she buys, but its now time for her everyday stuff to get some camera time. "And I'm your host. But don't mind me, I'm nobody..." The first item to be showcased could be a pair of gloves, mainly to allow the host to "interact" with the clothing items as they are introduced.

At some point we hear someone trying to get into the room where the video is being made -- it's the fashion poster herself. The video is being filmed in either her bedroom or whatever room she has set aside for videos, but the door has been locked. This, of course, *could* be the end of the video... or the gloves could float over and open the door, leading to some kind of exchange between the usual visible host and the ad-hoc invisible one. I'm thinking that if the gloves choose to open the door, the construct/entity/whatever must be known to the Youtuber. Maybe there was an agreement that she/it would not be directly involved in the videos?
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Reply #46 on: December 30, 2017, 12:22:45 PM
Or the new stuff jumps her and takes over, serving as host for a more general wardrobe interview, and some of the clothes use her to model them. :)


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Reply #47 on: October 07, 2018, 11:03:53 PM
(From the Discord server)

story idea: <character> has been living alone in a rather isolated area for a while. ever since being a 20-year old (and the time span since can be modified to the creator's liking) they've been wanting to get laid for god knows how long. they don't believe this won't be happening any time soon, though, until they're approached by a living [catsuit/zentai suit] who's about to grant just about all their sexual wishes and/or desires. if you want, you can even bring the person to the one that maybe conjured this living suit.

this can be interpreted in any way. this is a random toss-up idea that came to mind, so change up anything in this if you want. gender doesn't matter either in this story.


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Reply #48 on: October 07, 2018, 11:25:43 PM
Is that another lurker coming out of the shadowy cesspool I see?

Back to the topic: I had this one idea where the point-of-view would be from the perspective from one of those "Vestians" or those invisible tickle-monster types. They would use their telekinetic, telepathic, and/or teleportation abilities to capture one unfortunate Human and transform them into sex slaves. Or slaves in general, however their clients see fit.

This intangible character would describe how their methods of payment works, how potential clients can come into contact with them, and how they're able to create slaves with almost 100% success rate. In any case, the "protagonist" would essentially be describing their business and what occurs on a daily basis. Maybe there would be a chapter where our intangible fellow characterizes traits of their favorite kinds of prisoners. Another one would be about him/her/it describing their favorite ways of pleasuring and/or tormenting their captives.


A little off-topic but related: one of the writers on DeviantArt I used to follow - TMZCor - had posted their website that has a stockpile of all of their tickle-monster stories. I had just been able to scrape the surface of that site but I believe I spotted misterdoe's username on there somewhere; I might have to check again. A few of the stories there are basically the idea I described above except the captors are more aligned to tickling their captives relentlessly rather than right-up having magical sex with them.

I apologize if the site has already been posted way before but it's a goldmine for those who like a combination of the themes of tickle torture and the thems of this site.
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Reply #49 on: November 06, 2018, 09:13:18 PM
I had a look at dA recently to see Crash-bros out of his ruck. Kinda inspired me with this idea.

You're a 25-year old man living in an apartment. You've got a few mates on your floor you talk to every now and then, 5 or 6 at most. You all share the same fetish(es); Living Clothes, Body Control, Telekinesis, Hypnosis, and Bondage. One day, all of you receive packages from an unknown sender. It says plain on the box, 'Do not share this with others'. You have no idea the others got packages too, so you take the package inside to see the contents. The contents seem to be female clothes from an anime you recognise immediately. The moment you remove them from the package, though, they start to inflate into the shape their owner takes. So if you take Asuna Yuuki, for example, once you take the clothes out it will immediately fill to her form. When they first see you, they're immensely energetic and happy to meet you. They listen to you quite well at that. But as time goes on, the clothes start to get more and more intimate, horny, and overall attached to you sexually, and start to exploit you in many ways, whether it be bringing other clothes to life, controlling your body, responding to your mind directly or even tying you up. And even then, it'll be only a matter of time before all the clothes make you and your friends meet up together... with you wearing them...