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Magick truth or dare (not a story)

Katrice Metaluna

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on: January 14, 2015, 03:38:41 AM

The game itself is juvenile, but there’s an allure to the way it was played within certain circles. The sorceress, Mistress Endora Idrelle herself created this version of the game for denizens and passersby alike. Unlike its more banal counterpart, this version of the game is not for the faint of heart.

In the center of dark room made of black marble sits a large and ornate hookah on top of a large glowing pentacle etched in the floor. At each of the five points is a pillow for sitting on the floor. The hookah has five pipes; one for each player. This game is for five people at a time.

To initiate yourself into the game, you sit down on a pillow at one of the five points, take the pipe in front of you and inhale the smoke. There is no turning back once you’ve done this, for the magick imbued in this game takes you and keeps you, for you have joined of your own free will.

Questions of any type are generally allowed, and any discretion is solely on those who are playing. Etiquette requires that players be understanding and gentle on those new to the game, but the magick that enforces its rules does not treat anyone differently. Unruly players tend never to be invited to play with anyone else again.

Players are compelled to speak only the truth when asked any question of them, and they absolutely cannot lie. If they don’t want to answer the question, they are free to take the “dare”. But they have to choose that way out quickly, for the drive to answer fully and honestly will grow within them until they have no choice but to answer.

The “dares” are so named out of tradition, but they are really nothing of the sort anymore. Once given a task to perform, the magick of the game either compels the person dared to carry it out, or even outright takes control of them to make them do so. It depends on exactly how the “dare” was worded and its nature as to whether one or the other occurs, or even both! The only real stipulation is that the actions of the dare remain in the room. Any dare given that would violate that is ignored.

A player only needs to smoke from the hookah once in order to be a part of the game. If they are free to, they can continue to smoke from it, but they don’t have to. It’s encouraged though, as it helps the players to become gentle and calm, to better enjoy the game.

To leave the game requires a consensus from the other players. Do not play this game if you don’t plan on staying for a long time.

I scribbled this drawing a long time ago. It’s not very well done but I hoped it got the point across about what I had in mind. The idea for a magic truth or dare game isn’t mine. I just dialed it up to eleven.

Also this isn't a story. It's just a description. But this is what eventually helps to initially push Katrice into telling others explicitly what she wants to experience!
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Reply #1 on: January 15, 2015, 12:49:31 AM
You could probably get a similar effect using Scopolamine hydrobromide (type of truth serum) in the hookah lol, granted the players don't breath too much and pass out.  ;)