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Mermaid to human transformation


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on: September 14, 2020, 07:50:20 AM
Warning this is NSFW and contains Yuri/breathplay

   Deep underwater Sylph the mermaid was lazing on a giant bubble.  She sees approaching her a nude woman with what appears to be a bubble over her head 2 large bubbles over her breasts as well as a large pink bubble gripped from underneath by her left hand.  "Hello"? Said Sylph to the the slowly swimming human.

   "Hi my name is Irene and I've been looking for you!".  "Why are you looking for me?".  "Because I heard that you wanted to be human for a while!"  This was one of Sylphs fantasies "How can you do that?"  "Easy this condom in my hand is filled with a gas that will temporarily turn you into a human!.  'What is a condom?" Sylph replied because she was unfamiliar with the word.  "Its a thin piece of latex for holding thing like air in!"Said Irene.

   "Here put you hands on the ones on my breasts.  Don't worry they are magic so you don't have to worry about popping them!"  Sylph slowly swam over and gently laid her hands on them. To her surprise they felt much firmer than bubbles did and made interesting noises as she slowly caressed them.  "Easy there Sylph,  I don't want to get hot and bothered to quickly I can feel your hands through the latex."  The mermaid quickly retracts her hands and blushes slightly mentally realizing that she had basically caressed Irene's breasts.

   "So are you interested?"  asks Irene.  The mermaid still blushing shakes her head in agreement.  "Good" says Irene "Lets first get the breasts on then!"  She than reaches to her right breast and removes the air filled condom with no air leaking out.  She than coaxes it onto Sylph's left breast.  It creates a peculiar sensation as it envelops her breast and almost feels like its sucking on her.  "Feels good right?  I told you they were magic." Says Irene as she proceeds to remove the condom from her left breast and attach it to Sylph's right breast. 

   "Alright are you ready Sylph?"  "Yes!" responded Sylph.  So Irene proceeded to stretch the opening of the pink gas condom over Sylph's head.  Sylph looked around as the condom had given the surroundings a shiny pink hue.  Shortly thereafter she felt a warmth growing in her breasts and tail.  She closed her eyes and proceeded to enjoy the feeling of warmth and the sucking of her breasts.

   After an unknown amount of time she hears an "Um-hum" from Irene.  Opening her eyes she notices that the condom over her head is smaller (about three-quarters of its prior size) and looking down she sees that her tail has split and the scales from her thighs up had turned to skin!  "Yeah sorry to trouble you during your basking but is the air in your bubble good to breathe?" Asked Irene.

   Turning towards her Sylph is surprised to see that the condom over Irene's head was less than half the size it was before.  "Yes of course it is!  Go ahead and swim right in." Said Sylph.  "Good I didn't want to miss the next part."  Replied Irene who then swam into the bubble and removed the condom from her head and took a few deep breaths before gesturing to the condom.  The condom proceeded to float out of the bubble towards Sylph.

   What is it going to do wondered Sylph.  The condoms intent was quickly made known as it proceeded to rub against Sylph's recently formed vagina.  Sylph started to breathe a little harder as the condom teased her lower lips whilst the ones on her breasts started to squeeze towards her.  "I thought this would help speed up the transformation!" Called Irene from the bubble.  "Now lets kick it up a notch!" Cried Irene.

   On that cue the lower condom entered into her body with long slow strokes making Sylph pant with pleasure causing the condom around her head to swell and deflate with every breath.  Looking around the mermaid notices that the bubble is in front of her and that Irene was slightly leaning towards her with one hand on the inner surface of the bubble and with the other she was fingering herself.

   Am I turning her on? Thought Sylph when suddenly the lower condom ramps up in speed.  "oh oh OHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Sylph in surprise as she experiences her first orgasm.  Panting she looks around.  "Pretty great right?"  Asks Irene with a smug smile.  "But you might want to get in the bubble now.  You are running low on air."

   Sylph than notices over her next big inhale that the condom almost touches her nose and has become rather foggy.  Swimming awkwardly to the bubble Irene reaches out to help Sylph in.  As she approaches the surface of the bubble the condoms on her breasts sway outward and detach rather than pass through, sealing themselves and floating by the sides of the bubble.  Upon entrance Irene quickly removes the condom from Sylph's head and releases it outside while Sylph thankfully inhales great gulps of air.

   "That was intense!"  Exclaimed Sylph "But I really want more".  "Oh don't worry, there is more."  Smiled Irene "Now i'm hot and bothered and may-hap we can mutually benefit".  "How?" asks Sylph still growing accustomed to her new anatomy.  "Here lay down facing up and open your legs to me".

   Sylph gently lowers herself onto the bottom of the bubble and did as she was asked.  "On the surface we call this scissoring" Explained Irene as she lowered herself down and opened her own legs and gently grabbed Sylph's ankles.  She then proceeded to slide Sylph back and forth gently colliding down below.  The new sensations from thighs on thighs quickly had Sylph moaning in pleasure.  The two inflated condoms outside drifted outside the bubble towards each of the women's heads while the other two drifted towards the bottom.  Sylph started to arch her back and started grasping at the bubble beneath her.  Irene sensing what was about to happen had the inflated condoms ready, she than increased the tempo and intensity while Sylph started to moan "Oh my god oh god OH MY GODDDDDD!!!"

   SPLOOSH!!  In her throes she had popped the bubble!!  Eyes closed holding her breath she's overcome with guilt.  She forgot that bubbles are easily popped by their creator.  When she suddenly hears "Hey you can open your eyes."  Eyes shooting open she sees that the inflated condoms have attached themselves around Irene's and her neck.  "Safety first lover."     Irene giggles while gently disengaging her legs from Sylphs.

   She than swims forward and embraces Sylph.  "If you enjoyed that your gonna love this..."Irene whispered drawing Sylph in to a kiss with the two layers of latex between them.  The two un-inflated condoms seeing their chance swell slightly with water and proceed to enter both Irenes and Sylphs vaginas quickly having Sylph moaning against Irene's mouth.  So sensitive after coming she quickly comes again.  "Don't worry Sylph we have plenty of time for this"  Irene coos, working her mouth against Sylphs......

   An hour later the two finally breach the ocean surface, the condoms on their heads barely inflated and extremely foggy.  They gently stumble onto the beach, remove the condoms from their heads and collapse in the sand.  They gently hold hands together and an Idea forms in Sylphs head.  "Irene?" she asks raising her head "How about I return the favor?  Would you like to be a mermaid for a day?"
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Reply #1 on: September 15, 2020, 10:08:30 PM
   The following day at the beach Sylph has just slipped back into the ocean and was transforming back into a mermaid.  Irene was watching the transformation while holding a condom up to the wind to inflate it.  She than lowered it onto her right breast where it proceeded to fully engulf it.  She than proceeds to repeat the process.

   Sylph calls out. "I have been wondering, why do you have the condoms on your breasts?"  Irene replies "Its far easier for me to control them the closer they are and my mental state also affects it."  She smiled and blushed slightly while attaching the second condom to her other breast. 

   "Okay, you are gonna want a bit of air for yourself prior to your transformation" Replied Sylph.  Wordlessly Irene held a third condom up which quickly inflated to over three feet tall.  She than quickly dropped it over her head and proceeded to wade into the ocean.  "Mmmm what kept you?"  murmured Sylph as she embraced Irene's front with her bare chest causing the condoms on Irene to squish outwards. 

   "Oh you know the whole need air thing."  Replies Irene as Sylph leans backward and starts to propel the two of them under the oceans surface.  As they slowly descend Sylph asks "So how is it those condoms stay on anyway?  My bubbles only stick around because of me".  To this Irene replies "Magic of course.  It would be rather inconvenient if my head condom was to go shooting off while underwater." 

   "Mmmm I agree that would have been inconvenient yesterday"  Agreed Sylph. "This looks like a nice depth" Said Sylph, bringing Irene's and her body back to the vertical, "And Im sure you are going to enjoy this..." She murmured giving Irene a quick kiss through the condom and than slowly started to trail downwards.  Her hands moving from Irenes back to cup Irenes breasts around the base of the condoms and nuzzling her face between Irene's breasts.  Irene started to fidget a little as she was unused to being on the subservient end. 

   "Oh don't worry it gets even better" Sylph called while licking Irene's bellybutton.  She than proceeded to Irenes lower lips, gently flicking her tongue between the folds.  "Mmhmmm" Irene groaned, her hands drifting upward to squeeze the condom down on her head.  "Here comes the fun part" Sylph teased, taking in a quick breath.  "Bwafht?"  Cried Irene feeling something growing inside her.  Sylph proceeded to take another breath and Irene quickly felt the pressure inside her grow.  Looking down she saw what looked like a bubble on her lower lips. 

   "Just like you my magic is linked to my mental state" murmured Sylph "But doesn't it feel wonderful?"  She started gently tickling the bubble causing Irene to writhe in pleasure.  "Its quite easy for me to transfer sensations through bubbles"  Explained Sylph,  while to Irene it had felt like she had been tickling her insides.  Than Sylph began to tap her fingers on the bubble, gently at first, but slowly increasing the intensity and tempo.  Irene starts panting heavily arching her back " oh oh Oh Oh OHHHHH!"

   Pop!  Hearing a pop Irenes eyes shoot open in surprise, however she quickly realizes the condom is safely around her head albeit a bit diminished.  Sylph is gazing up at her coyly.  "Oops looks like I popped your bubble"  She says pointing at a few tiny bubbles drifting upward.  "But don't worry you kept most of it and there is more to come!"  She says grabbing Irenes legs and positioning her face between Irene's thighs.

   Irene feels Sylph's tongue repeatedly flick between her lips, leaving a little bit of bubble each time.  She starts to pant heavily, the condom over her head bulging and shrinking with each breath.  Sylph proceeds to move her arms to enclose Irenes thighs while tickling her breasts.  Irenes hands drift upward to hold the top of her head condom, feeling everyone of her breaths through her hands and arms.  Arching back again she closes her legs around Sylphs head and proceeds to shudder greatly.

   When shes able to focus again she sees Sylph's face before her own.  "Looks like your back with me' Sylph smiles "But its time to continue, you are running low on air."  Sylph quickly sees that the three foot plus condom of air she had started with was barely two inches from her nose upon inhale.  'So for this next part I need you to trust me" Explains Sylph "Please take a deep breath and don't resist.  Nervously Irene does as she was asked, taking a big gulp of air than nodding her head.

   "Ok here we go!" Exclaims Sylph sliding her thumbs under the condom on Irene's head and quickly removing it.  Irenes eyes open a bit wider in surprise when suddenly Sylph grabs Irenes head and presses her mouth to Irenes.  Irene feels Sylph's tongue flick past her lips and she feels the sensation of air gently flowing into her.  This causes Irene to close her eyes in bliss, enjoying the sensation of Sylph's lips and tongue,  while still feeling the two inflated condoms between their bodies.

   Irene suddenly feels Sylphs lips leave her own and she opens her eyes in shock.  Sylph's face was a couple of inches away from her own but the water around Irenes head had been displaced.  Irene quickly realized that Sylph had put her head in a bubble!  Seeing the realization in Irenes eyes, she winks and continues to steadily puff air into the bubble, slowly moving her head down towards Irene's breasts.  The bubble slowly stretches downward in sync with Sylphs puffing until she draws towards Irene's right breast,  winking at Irene she gently removes the condom, causing Irene to shiver in shock and pleasure at the cold water now surrounding her breast.  The displaced condom floats nearby but still remained filled with air.  The cold is quickly replaced by warmth as Sylph moves her head and the bubble over Irene's nipple, she then starts to suck on Irenes nipple causing it to stiffen, while still blowing intermittently.

   After a few minutes of this she releases Irene's nipple to slowly draw the bubble towards her other breast where she proceeds to remove the condom and let it drift while sucking and blowing on Irenes other nipple.  A little later she releases the nipple and begins to slowly drift towards Irene's belly,  Irene being tickled by the puffs of air and the feeling of the bubble slowly creeping down.

   As Sylph nears Irenes navel her breasts rub the bubble that is around Irene's vagina,  causing her to arch back in surprise at the feeling of softness being conveyed through the bubble.  Sylph notices this and takes a quick break from blowing into the bubble to mischievously say "Looks like you enjoy that so lets prolong it a little..." slowly sliding her hands down Irenes back to cup her butt, she than begins to gently draw Irene to her body, relaxing the pressure, and repeating.  Each session causes the bubble inside Irene to gently pulse.  Irene quickly begins to pant, causing Sylph to hold Irene tightly to her chests.  Sylph than begins to take big breaths to inflate the bubble, causing her ample bosom to squish against the lower bubble, the increased pressure causing Irene to quickly begin screaming "Ooo Oo OHHHHHHHHH OHHHHH GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!"

   Sploop!  Dazed Irene looks around and notices that her arms are now inside the bubble which now reaches to just above the waist.  Sylph gently detaches her mouth from the bubble and says "Take a look down".  Intrigued Irene did as she was asked and quickly opened her eyes in surprise.  She had fins!!!  Her feet had been replaced by fins and there were scales up to her knees!

   "Mmhmmm" said Sylph "looking good, now just a little bit farther to go"  Slowly lowering her head towards Irenes' lower bubble, while shifting her arms to embrace Irenes knees together,  Sylphs breasts gently bumping into her,  and then Irene jerked in surprise as Sylph started flicking her tongue against the bubble.  Sylph proceeded to flick her tongue and lick and occasionally bury her face against the bubble with all of the sensations being transferred to Irenes insides.

   "Sylph I am so close again" Cries Irene, causing Sylph to bury her head into the bubble and begin sucking it in.  The change in sensations quickly makes Irene reach her limit causing her to arch backwards while digging her nails into the upper bubble.  Irene starts screaming "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh     myyyyyyyyyyyyyyy    GGGGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!".

   POP!  In a daze Irene realizes that the bubble popped and she saw the bubbles floating to the surface,  suddenly widening her eyes in alarm thinking "My AIR!".  She goes to swim after it it but is stopped by Sylph's arms.  "Where are you going Irene?"  She asks.   Irene replies "I need air!".  "Do you?" inquires Sylph gently smirking.  "Yes of course I do!!" Responded Irene a little hysterically.

   To this Sylph responded "So how are you talking?".  At this realization dawned on Irene she looked down, seeing how her legs had been turned into a magnificent tail.  She started to blush a little in embarrassment.  Sylph gently floated up until she was eye-to-eye with Irene.  "Now that that is done let's have some more fun....."  She purred while moving her lips to Irenes and entwining her tail with her own....
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Reply #2 on: October 26, 2020, 01:46:57 PM
Not bad in terms of descriptions and dialogue, but you GOTTA paragraph break more! It's very hard to read.


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Reply #3 on: October 26, 2020, 08:07:51 PM
Sorry about that,  I haven't written anything in more than a decade.  Now it is cleaned up (paragraphwise).


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Reply #4 on: October 26, 2020, 08:14:34 PM
   Irene and Sylph were laying entwined on a bed of sponge in an air filled cave at Sylph's grotto.  They were enjoying each others company and Sylph wanted to make sure that Irenes transformation back to a human didn't occur at an awkward time.  As Irenes Tail began to split her mouth was filled with an overpowering taste of salt.  "Bleach!  Its like I just put a whole spoonful of salt in my mouth!"  Irene exclaimed.  To this Sylph pointed to a rock basin set low on the cave wall.  It was slowly dripping water over the sides.

   "Drink from that" said Sylph "Its fed from an underground spring."  Sylph awkwardly wriggled over to the basin as her tail had only just developed a thigh gap.  Grabbing a handful of water she swishes her mouth and spits it out than lowers hear head to the basin and begins to drink deeply.

   After about two minutes she suddenly stops drinking and starts breathing deeply.  "My lungs were starting to burn" she calls to Sylph.

   "We should assume your back to being an air breather than.  Wouldn't want to risk otherwise."  Warns Sylph "Its a good thing we brought your condoms with us" Pointing to the smooth stone near the sponge bed.  At this point Irenes' tail had fully split and the scales were receding down her thighs causing Irene to shiver from the tingling sensation.

   "I should probably start heading back to the surface" Said Irene starting to crawl over to the sponge bed "I wouldn't want to use up all your air."

   To this Sylph replied "You don't have to worry about it depleting that fast....but it does take a while to refresh."  So Irene took one of the condoms, willed it to fill and snugged it down or her left breast.  She than repeated the process for her right breast.  Sylph roused herself from the bed and slid over and into the pool at the cave mouth,  then raised her face above the water to watch Irene.

   Irene seeing this slowly sauntered over giving extra movement to her hips.  Sylph blushed at this and said "Tease, but I do appreciate it.  I know you will be wanting more air than I have down here"  To this Irene did a brief pout before starting to lower herself into the pool while filling up her last condom,  Sylph ducking under to watch the entry.  As Irene slowly lowered herself in Sylph noticed lots of bubbles leaking from the tips of the condoms on Irenes breasts.  Popping back up she asks "Irene are your condoms supposed to be fizzing?

   Alarmed Irene puts the last condom over her head and ducks under, sure enough steady streams of bubbles were leaking from each condom tip.  Alarmed Irene asks "Sylph?  Please check my head condom"  Then she submerged herself completely.  Sylph quickly sees a stream of bubbles escaping the top of the condom.

   "Its leaking as well"  She tells Irene.

   "Dang it! I didn't think the seawater would degrade the condoms that fast, it must be from all the salt" She exclaims.  "I will just have to surface quickly".

   Alarmed Sylph says "Don't do that!!  That will cause the bends!".

   "How else can I reach the surface?" says Irene.

   "Well...I could...resupply you on the way"  Murmured Sylph.

   "Resupply?"  Asked Irene.

   "Yes by...blowing into you."  Sylph stammered.

   "God your cute" Said Irene slowly swimming into Sylph and embracing her, squishing the boob condoms between them.  Sylph quickly became intimately aware of the air leak against her breasts as they dived underwater, the water pressure increasing the intensity and rate of leakage.  Looking at Irenes face she sees no worries, only trust in Irenes eyes. As they slowly swim upward Sylph sees that the head condom has already shrunk to half of its original size.

   Stopping the ascent Sylph tells Irene to raise the condom over her mouth and to hold on to the top so it doesn't go anywhere.  Swimming forward she puts her mouth over Irenes and blows into her.  After a few puffs she pulls back to see the progress,  Irene starts to speak but all Sylph makes out is "Howbssglobbing?"

   Sylph says "Shhh wait till its back on"  Before moving back in and blowing several more breaths into Irene.  She sees that the condoms seem to be deflating a little bit faster.  "We should continue heading up" Sylph said worried, while gently grabbing around Irenes torso and proceeding to flick her tail.  So focused on swimming upwards she realizes that the bubbling sensation against her breasts had stopped,  she pauses their ascent and looks down.

   The condoms on Irenes breasts had barely any air left in them and the one on Irenes head was very small.  She tells Irene its time for another resupply.  Irene works the condom over her mouth to allow Sylph access.  Sylph gives Irene multiple puffs but sees that the air is leaking at a greater rate and the condom is visibly shrinking as she watches.  "Irene the leak is getting worse" Sylph states nervously.

   "Sorry, I'm getting scared now and am having a hard time concentrating on the magic."  Irene stated despairingly.

   "Wait you said that your magic is affected by your mental state right?"  Sylph asked.

   "Yes but how is that going to help, I am feeling scared"  Irene responds.   To this Sylph drifts down to Irenes right breast and starts licking the condom all the way so her tongue is touching the breast through the condom.  "Sylph What?" Irene starts to ask when suddenly Sylph affixes her mouth around the condom tip and starts to blow into it!

   Irene starts to writhe from the feeling of warm air tickling her nipple as well as the feeling of the condom ballooning around her breast.  After the condom is returned to its former glory Sylph licks over the the tip causing the leak to greatly reduce.  Shifting upwards Sylph has Irene raise the condom over her head once more, puffing into her several times.  After detaching she looks up and sees that the leak is not nearly as bad as before.

   Shaking her head to herself in agreement she proceeded to lower her head to the left breast.  Seeing how her friend wasn't in eminent danger of drowning she took much more time in the process of inflating the condom,  occasionally flicking her tongue against the condom while using both of her hands to hold and massage it, while blowing into it intermittently.  Once it had reached the other condoms size she licked the tip and saw that the top condom was barely leaking.

   Sylph slowly drifted upward with Irene mentioning as she passed eye-to-eye "You know how to make a girl feel special".  Sylph smiled at and gently pursed her lips to the tip of the condom on Irenes' head and started to blow into it.  Irene having been aroused by the breast inflation saw Sylphs breasts starting to squish into the side of the condom,  Each breath making the ample bosom expand and each exhale making the condom squish into it more, so Irene leaned into Sylph and started licking her nipples.

   Sylph quickly giggles "Tease, But I do appreciate it" Than taking a couple of extra large breaths to really pronounce her breasts.  After of few minutes of this she licks shut the tip of the condom and starts to drift back down.  "Sylph can we do it right now?"  Irene panted having become extremely aroused and fidgeting a bit.

   "Well I don't know about we...but at this point I think I have time to get you off"  She winked, giving Irene a quick kiss on the mouth before sinking lower and bringing her hands and mouth to bear on Irene's boobs.

   "Please don't tease I need you" Pleaded Irene.

   To this Sylph said "Payback" and continued to massage, lick, and suck on the condoms surrounding Irenes breasts.

   Irene starts panting "Ah ah ahh please AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ahhh" Being so close to the edge was driving Irene crazy.  Sylph seeing this continued to massage the breasts but moved her body lower and As Irene was gasping in pleasure Sylph suddenly thrust her tongue into Irenes vagina hard and fast.  "Ah AHk KYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"  Screamed Irene as she was taken by surprise by both tongue and orgasm.

   Panting afterward she notices that Sylphs hands had left her breasts,  looking down she sees Sylph positioning Irenes' legs over her shoulders, basically a reverse shoulder ride.  Sylph muffles with her head between Irene's legs "You might want to hold on" Causing Irene to squeeze her legs around Sylphs head and to cup her breast condoms.  Sylph starts to relentlessly lick Irene while gently propelling them upwards.  As Irene almost reaches orgasm Sylph stops tonguing her.

   "What?"  Cries Irene.

   Sylph replies "Teasing" while winking and than proceeds to slowly and sensually lick around Irenes lower lips, occasionally flicking her tongue between the folds.  Irene can do nothing but pant, squish her boob condoms to her chest, and squeeze Irene with her legs.  As Irene begins to reach her climax Sylph shifts her arms to draw Irene firmly to her face whilst thrusting her tongue furiously.  "OooOOOOOOOOOO    mMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY   GooOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Irene screams prior to passing out...... 

   Back on the oceans surface  Irene comes to floating on her back, inflated boob condoms bobbing like buoys,  with the condom over her head still halfway inflated.  Sylph surfaces nearby saying "Good, you are awake I was worried I had broke you!"

   "Honestly I feel great!  And I will have to think of a way to thank you..." Irene said.  Smiling seductively while drifting over for an embrace......