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on: September 13, 2020, 03:52:36 PM
My hands are covered in grease and sauce. I look around for the napkins I know I brought with me, but I don't see them.

"What are you looking for?" she asks.

"My napkins," I say. "I know I brought some in here."

"Hold on," she says. A few moments later a bundle of napkins float into the room, but along with them hovers a wad of fabric. The napkins come to rest on a side table just beyond my reach, while the fabric continues toward me.

"Um," I start, reaching for the napkins. But an unseen hand grabs my wrist.

"Hold on a minute," she says, "and I'll take care of that for you."

The wad of fabric turns out to be a pillowcase, which orients itself parallel to the floor and puffs up all at once, like a balloon being filled with a pump. It positions itself in front of me, and immediately the pillow deforms as if an unseen weight was placed on it.

"What are you doing?" I say, looking right in front of me, where I'd expect to see a face if she had one. "I just needed a couple of napkins."

"No," she says, "you need the grease removed from your fingers, and I'm gonna take of that for you right now."

And right then the hand that has been holding my right wrist raises it but still out to my side, not in front of me where the pillow is floating. A pair of lips closes around my index finger, as a tongue laps away at my finger.

"Now, isn't that better?" her voice says, as the invisible mouth moves to my middle finger. But as soon as I open my mouth to answer, an invisible finger places itself against my lips.

"Never mind," she says, as another hand takes hold of my other wrist. "I already know what you're gonna say, spoil-sport. Just let me finish."

And again the other hand raises my hand to about level with my shoulders, but still at my side, not closer to the pillow. Because I can, I start brushing my tongue against the invisible finger, as another invisible mouth begins working on my left hand.

"Oh really?" she says. "And what think you're doing?" At this point the mouth working on my right hand withdraws its tongue, instead gently holding the finger it had been licking between unseen teeth.

"The same thing you are," I say between licks. The teeth press my finger a little bit harder, but the tongue begins flicking against my fingertip. The mouth on my left hand continues as before.

"Hmm. You're the one with sauce all over his hands. What does my finger have on it that you need to lick off?"

"Um, nothing?" I say, as I stop licking the finger she'd held against my lips.  "I just… I dunno, I saw my chance and I took it."

The teeth and tongue on my right hand withdrew from the finger they had been working on, the tongue moving to the next finger.

"Maybe I need to give you something to do with that mouth, so you don't get yourself in trouble," she said. And with that, the finger was gone, immediately replaced by full lips pressing against mine.

Instinctively I tried to move my hands toward the space above the floating pillow in front of me, to hold who -- or what -- I was kissing, but the hands holding my wrists squeezed them and continued holding them in place for the unseen mouths.

Meanwhile I felt a tongue pressing against my lips, so I let it in, as my tongue met it. As our tongues began to dance, my unseen companion let out a dramatic sigh.

"Sooo typical," her voice said, feigning boredom...
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