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Chapter 3


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on: June 12, 2019, 09:09:26 AM
I need someone to help me proof chapter 3.  Any takers?  Its super amateur and will need a lot of work I'm sure.  I don't want to release it on the forum or the discord until someone has proofed it.  Let me know!


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Reply #1 on: June 12, 2019, 05:44:33 PM
Chapter 3,

Nate and Kay were sound asleep after their intense sexual experience.  Neither one of them were able to hear the deep hum coming from the purse that was still in the bathroom.  The purse righted itself and started to unzip.  As it unzipped, there was a bright beam of light coming from the purse.  The rock then levitated into the air and if anyone were to be looking at it would have almost seemed as though they were staring into the sun.  After the rock had levitated into the middle of the room the intensity of the light started to dim and the rock started to change color into a deep red and started to pulse with energy.  With each pulse, the energy that was being emitted could be seen almost like a shockwave to the naked eye that disappeared into the walls.  The energy was easily able to reach the apartments immediately surrounding Nate's and after the fifth pulse the rock fell to the ground lifeless and ordinary again. 

Kay was the first to wake up in the morning.  After all she barely felt like she needed to sleep to begin with.  Nate was still sound asleep and was able to feel what she thought was just some morning wood coming from behind her but she felt it was moving a bit unnaturally.  Still fully charged she made his hand raise off of her and to his own side and then levitated herself off of the bed and did a 180 in the air to face Nate.  She could see his cock jumping around with each pulse of his heartbeat and moving a bit unnaturally. It almost seemed like it was trying to pull away from his body. Kay knew she was full of magical energy right now but she also knew that she wasn't causing this display.  She looked down at Nate's cock and held her hand out in front of her trying to get it to calm down and absorb some of it's energy.  It only made it shake and pull more violently until finally it pointed straight at her fully engorged. Next thing she knew she felt herself shifting in the air and her legs spread apart.  His cock then pointed at the closet and out came one of Nate's long sleeve shirts.  As Kay tried to focus more one of the sleeves wrapped itself around her hand and forced it behind her back while the other sleeve came   around and grabbed her other wrist.  The shirt now forced her arms behind her back and Nate's cock started to wiggle almost as if it had realized that it had conquered her and was free to do as it pleased.  Starting to realize she could not control the situation she yelled for Nate.

“Nate wake the hell up!”  His cock motioned toward her, and Kay started slowly moving closer to Nate.  “NATE!”  Nate finally woke and darted up.  He didn't notice anything except for Kay in the air spread eagle with her arms tied behind her back and slowly floating towards him.  He looked down and could see he was hard as a rock yet again with his cock pointing right at Kay with a bit of precum oozing from his tip that seemed to instead of dripping off of him seemed to be stretching toward Kay.
“Nate, something is happening and I can't control it!”
“You think I know whats going on? I still have no idea what any of this is.  Why are you hovering in the air like that?”
“Your cock is doing this to me somehow and I think it wants to have fun and I'm game and all, but I can't seem to stop any of this. I think if we just go with the flow everything should be fine. I hope...”
“What do you mean go with the flow?  Doesn't seem like I have much of a choice do I?  My cock doesn't really seem to be mine anymore.” 
After saying that his cock pointed straight up and pointed at Nate's face and the head seemed to nod at him as if confirming what he had said.  “Oh what the fuck? I have no idea what the fuck is going on.”  After he said that Nate started to lift into the air himself and started to move closer to Kay.  Precum still oozing and flying straight towards Kay's pussy presumably helping lube her up though she didn't need much help as Kay knew she was about to get some more of Nate's powerful cum.

Nate started to flail his arms and legs a little bit and his cock didn't seem to enjoy that very much so it motioned to his bedside and his charging cable for his phone and his ipad ripped from the wall and wrapped around his left wrist and then shot to his other arm and then pulled his arms close to his body and kept on wrapping around and around until he was completely restrained.  Before it even finished it had already done the same to his legs.  Nate was now completely bound and floating in mid air about 2 feet above his bed.

“Oh what the fuck why do I even bother tryign to fight it at this point.”
“I know this is all very strange but I think it would be better if we just let this run its course.  I'm not sure we have any say in the matter but just go with it and try and enjoy yourself. I think we are both in for a treat right now. I was a little nervous at first but now I am curious what your cock has in store for us,” Kay responded.

When Kay was done talking her body was oriented right above Nate's cock.  Expecting to start her decent down onto his cock she was surprised that nothing of the sort happened. 

“Holy fuck that feels amazing,” said Nate.

“What? I'm not doing anything and nothing is happening.”  Kay looked down between her tits and saw Nate's cock seemingly jacking itself of f.  She was wondering why it would want to do that until she noticed the precum.  It was levitating right off of his dick and floating right in front of them.  Just as soon as she noticed it it split into to two tinier droplets and floated right up to her tits each landing directly on a nipple. 

“Oh my God!”

Almost as instantly as it happened Kay felt instantaneous pleasure and felt like her tits were tits were getting licked and sucked on by the greatest and most skilled tongue she had ever experienced.  She could see it too as her nipples would start to slowly flick back and forth as if being flicked by a tongue and then her nipples would pull forward out in front of her with the perfect amount of suction that added a bit of pain with the pleasure.

Kate threw her head back and all the while Nate's cock was still being stroked by what felt like the most perfect set of soft hands.  After all it was his dick doing all of this so it should know what it likes.
Kate refocused and looked back down only for her tits to be pushed up and squeezed by a set of strong hands, but of course there was no hands to be seen.  Her tits then pushed themselves together and she felt herself lowering down.   Her tits got closer and closer to Nate's frantically moving cock until finally he was nestled right between her two amazing tits which started to bounce themselves ever so slowly at first and there was quite a bit of friction.  His dick must have sensed that there needed to be a bit more lubrication so it called for a drastic action.  His dick then popped out from between her tits and Nate could feel like something had just grabbed the base of his cock fairly sternly and then moving up his length until it reached the head.  Another small droplet of precum produced itself and then went straight  into the air and floated around them until it reached it's destination, a massage oil bottle. The bottle then levitated into the air and straight toward them where it then turned upside down and unleashed a good amount of oil right onto Kay's bountiful tits and Nate's cock. Her tits swished his dick in between them and started to bounce more vigorously.  Her tits then started to transition from bouncing together and bouncing alternately paying close attention to the head of his cock.

“I can't believe this is happening right now.  Your tits feel amazing around my cock.” Said Nate.
“Whatever your cum is doing right now its making my tits feel ten times more sensitive. I think I might cum just from my tits!”

As Kay was looking down at her tits in amazement watching them expertly fuck Nate's cock all on their own she felt her restraints loosen from around her wrists and immediately went to grab at her sensitive tits trying to get a grip on them but they were so slippery and moving all over the place all she could do was squeeze them around Nate's cock even harder which made them both moan even louder with pleasure.   

With the added pressure of her hands Nate was going to cum and he had no way to stop it and he didn't want to.

“I'm gonna cum Kay!”

“Don't hold back!” said Kay. 

and with that Kay's tits exposed the head of his cock and they both watched in awe as cum started to erupt from his cock and Kay started to cum as well.  Kay had never had an orgasm from nipple or breast play and was surprised how good it felt.  She knew it had to do something with Nate and his overpowered cock.  Nate's cum wasn't hitting the ground and each rope suspended itself into the air.  They both just looked up in awe as rope after rope shot out and made what seemd like an abstract painting in the air.  Kay's orgasm kept building and building.  She had never experienced an orgasm like this where with each moment the pleasure kept getting stronger rather than slowly fade.  Each of them had to be cumming for at least 30 seconds before it finally stopped and they regained their composure in the air.  Nate's cum had already started to collect in front of them but Nate was the first to notice Kay's cum doing the same thing below them. 

“Ummm Kay your cum is starting to do the weird thing too it seems.”

Kay looked below them and she saw that her cum was suspended in the air as well and started to coalesce into some sort of hovering ball of cum. 

“Oh wonderful, I have no idea what is going on now.”

She felt a presence behind them and immediately knew what it was.  She saw the stone from her bag levitating in the air and hovering closer giving off a bright red glow. 

“Oh great this can't be good.”

“What the hell is that thing now?” said Nate.

“It's like a barometer for magic but it also can store power, but I'm also not sure how much.  You are giving off more power than anyone I have ever encountered before so this is new. Also I have only seen it react with a man's power not a man and a woman.”

Their cum now started to get drawn to the stone as it began floating over in streams right toward the stone and as soon as it made contact with the stone it began to shine so bright it hurt to look at.  The stone then absorbed as much energy as it could and then flew straight into the bathroom and crashed right through the bathroom window. 

As soon as it flew out the window they both fell to the bed and the rest of their restraints loosened. The remaining floating cum from Nate fell onto Kay which gave her yet another boost of energy and let loose a loud almost primal moan followed by a sharp intake of air.  Kay's cum then flew and landed on Nate's cock which quickly absorbed into his skin making him elicit a moan of pure pleasure as well but also gave him quite the rush. 

“Holy shit!” he yelled

as soon as he yelled the lamps on either bed stand beside them flew off and crashed onto the floor.  Kay immediately noted what had happened and she knew she didn't do it.  She looked back at him with shock.

“Well the stone was right about you but I didn't know how right it was.  You may start noticing some funny things happenig around you.  You have far more power than you ever would have even guessed.”

“I said it once I'll say it again. I. Don't. Get. What's. Happening!” Said Nate.

“I know I know I will explain everything, but we need to hurry up and get that stone back because even I am unsure what it is capable of right now.”