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The Artificer Ch. 2


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on: December 05, 2018, 10:42:34 AM
Chapter 2. Thoughts welcomed. Namely concerned as to if I should name the puma knee highs, since they are a main character. Referring to them as 'puma knee highs' or just 'knee highs' might not be enough, especially when other knee high socks are in play.

Direct link if you prefer reading it that way:

A soft moan came from Natalee as she started to awaken from her slumber, her mind slowly coming to and piecing together the events that unfolded up until this moment. She remembered waking up alone in the bed, moving to brush her teeth and go about her day. A brief chat with her girlfriend as she came in from her run, and then a walk down to grab the mail. Natalee remembered returning to a messy bedroom, and picking up Amanda’s running attire, placing them in the dirty clothes bin…


That’s when the redhead forced herself awake, her eyes wide and her head snapping up from that pillow in a sudden revelation. Green eyes looked about the room immediately and noticed the place was devoid of anything out of the ordinary. Natalee turned to look at the LED display of her alarm clock, 9:30AM. She had been out for another hour an a half? Or was she? That whole bit, from waking up, to getting the mail, to seeing those knee highs, it had to be a dream, right? Natalee had been out this entire time, just waking up from a very unusual dream.

“God damn...that was weird.” A soft mutter to herself, left hand moving to rub her head as she turned to position herself to sit on the side of the bed. That is when Natalee noticed that she was fully clothed. Not only that, but in the same attire she was seen wearing in her ‘dream.’ Black T-shirt with pink petals, loose blue jeans, and a pair of white ankle socks..and both socks were on?

The redhead’s heart skipped a beat, then started to beat harder and faster in her chest. Logic dictated that what had occured was still a moment of fantasy, that her subconscious had somehow pieced all this together in order to make it look real. Natalee remembered going to bed in her night clothes, but maybe she was sleep walking? Changed into the clothes she has on now during the night? It was the only answer, right? The only logical answer.

That wasn’t the only question to tackle, of course. Why was she in the bedroom, when she remembered fainting on the couch? Why were both socks on, when she took one off to keep herself from screaming? Furthermore, upon getting up and walking around the bed over to the dirty clothes bin, green eyes noticing the absence of Amanda’s running outfit, as well as those white knee high puma socks, where was Amanda’s clothing?

“Ahh. Mistress is awake. We were worried, you were inches away from crashing your head on to the other armrest of the couch. We aren’t quite sure what we could do if your head hit the hardwood of the rest rather than the cushion.” That telepathic English accent made Natalee jump a bit, her left hand coming to her chest as if to try to quell that moment of fear, and then a quick gasp to go with it. A quick look to the door leading out to the hallway, and Natalee was left with even more questions.

There stood Amanda’s running attire: A dark grey sleeveless top that adhered perfectly to what should have been a body underneath, making those plump breasts stand out all the more, a pair of baggy shorts that went close to where the knees should have been, and just under them, those knee length white puma socks. Looking down at them now, Natalee was enraptured by the lack of legs within them, able to see all the way down to the hell from the inside. As green eyes moved back up, Natalee took note that there was nothing between the straps of the sleeveless shirt, but a pair of soft, smooth form fitting fitness gloves to act as the hands. Natalee could not resist but to pass one of her own hands through where an arm should  have been, and finding no resistance at all. “This isn’t a dream, is it?”

“Of course not, Mistress. We don’t wish to sound rude, but you would have known this if you would have read the note in its entirety. It would have - “

“You think that a note that looks more like a piece of junk mail, mailed to me by someone I had no way of knowing who is was, written in some artsy text, reading like some Role Playing LARPer, is going to make this” a gesture to the living outfit before her ‘suddenly believable?’”

“If it helps, Mistress. We are on your side on this one.” The outfit moved to lean itself up on the frame of the bedroom door, the knee socks crossing at the ankles while the gloves crossed at the stomach. “We told your mother that this wasn’t a good idea, that we suspected something like this would happen. We thought it better to-”

“Force the memories in my head. I remember.” Natalee took a step as if to walk out into the hallway, but somehow did not feel right pushing through the living outfit, instead moving to go sit back down upon the bed.

“Are you going to interrupt us often, Mistress?” Natalee looked up at the outfit. The lack of a body within the clothing made it difficult to determine the entity’s emotions, but for some reason the red head sensed frustration and a bit of anger all the same. Why she could sense this was unknown, but it did manage to bring about at least some guilt. “We have a great deal to tell you, and if you are to start off already this stubborn, we fear it will be a long day.”

“Polite even when you don’t want to be.” A smirk, shaking her head. “Makes it rather difficult to be angry for too long.”

“We are bound to you, mistress. As we said, we are your familiar, your conduit, one could even say your ‘other half.’ if you desire. As such, we have no desire to see you angered, nor do we have any desire to see harm be brought to you.” The straps of the top then shrugged a bit, as the outfit continued on “That being said, that does not mean we can not get frustrated, or angry in our own right. Will you listen now, Mistress?”

Natalee only nodded. Moving to lie back in the bed, on Amanada’s side, propping the pillow up so that it comforted her back as well, keeping her eyes upon the living outfit before her as it was about to reveal what was taking place. The outfit itself pushed itself off the door frame, and took to pacing about at the end of the bed, searching for a place to begin. There was far too much to get down in one single sitting, and slamming their Mistress with the heavy stuff right off the bat would only complicate things. No, no it was best to start with the stuff they knew Natalee would enjoy, let her enjoy her abilities for a while, before shouldering the responsibilities.

“You are Natalee Stillman. Daughter to Jezabelle Stillman, Grand Artificer and once Noble to the city Chishex.” The index finger lifted up, as if to silence Natasha at the exact moment the redhead opened her mouth to question what all those words meant. Grand Artificer, Noble, Chishex? “Don’t worry about that now, we will explain such to you when the moment is right. Right now, let’s focus on what it means to be an Artificer, hmm?

Merely a nod, allowing the outfit to continue.

“You were not born to this world, Natalee, but to one parallel to it. A world in which the fantastical does exist. In fact, most of this world’s fairy tales are loosely based on this parallel world. By a large, the world you come from is unknown to the world we are in now, save for a noted few,” A pause, before adding, “More on that later. What is important is that you were born with the talents of an Artificer - a person with the ability to breathe animation into any inanimate object devoid of its own power. Furthermore, with a bit more focus and attention, you can exceed mere animation to become actual sentience, giving an inanimate object life. Just as you did us.”

“Wait...what?” Natalee narrowed her eyes a bit, shaking her head ever so slightly, trying to take all this in. “You are tell me, that I can animate anything I want?”

“That is devoid of its own power, yes.”

“So I can say...animate a car to drive for me?”

“No, Mistress. The object must be devoi-”

“Or my computer to help me with my programming?”

“Again, no Mistress. The object mus-”

“Hell, animate the kitchen to do my cooking for me.” Natalee smirked, letting her mind succumb to this idea and become immersed in it. The outfit placing the knuckles of those gloves on its hips, and stopped pacing to face their Mistress. Natalle gasped softly as she felt what felt like her T-shirt becoming rigid, keeping her in place as her own ankle socks slipped off her feet and marched up her body, the left sock shoving itself into Natalee’s mouth to keep her silent.

“Mistress, please! Forgive the rash actions, but you are not listening. This is of vital importance.” Though the outfit apologized, it also knew rather well that Natalee wasn’t going to be upset over a sock being shoved in that mouth. Shocked, perhaps, but not at all upset. Even now, the toes of the anklet within her mouth started to press and play with that tongue, which was already complying in such playful antics, a few soft whimpers of pleasure coming from the woman already. “As an Artificer, you are only allowed to animate objects which are devoid of its own power. A car runs off of gasoline, a computer and your kitchen appliances off of electricity. Such things are beyond your grasp. Similarly, if you were in your home world, other objects being animated or made sentient would not be yours to command either, as they are powered by another force, not your own.”

The anklet within in Natalee’s mouth then pulled away from the kiss, leaving the addled redhead at a loss for words as she was suddenly thrown in to so many vivid dreams of such taking place almost exactly as it did here. Her mind struggling with the question of whether or not that really happened before eventually throwing away the facts and simply letting herself enjoy the moment, real or not. “ much as I enjoyed it...I didn’t…”

“No. We did.” The outfit interrupted, the gloves leaning forward to lean upon the footpost of the bed. “We had to silence you somehow to let us speak, and we suspected you’d enjoy if it was done that way. The moment you touched us, you made us your familiar. Made us an extension of your abilities. We are sentient, capable of animating just as you are, and...if you allow it, even give sentience to other objects. Additionally, though our abilities are very limited, we can hear and speak to any object similar to us at will; as if a second language. However, this is only limited to objects similar to us.”

“Similar to you?” An arch of an eyebrow, Natalee getting a feeling for what it meant, but wanted to hear it as well.

“Other socks, Mistress. That is what we are, that is what we can listen to. Though we have not tried, it might extend to other footwear as well, such as shoes. For example, your anklets are wanting us to tell you something about creating a variable to hold a numeric value, to help determine actions.” The shoulder straps on the outfit once again shrugged. “We do not know what this means.”

“Can I?”

“You can as well, Mistress. Not just with socks, but with anything, if you focus hard enough.”

Natalee thought about this for a moment, then looked to the ankle socks still standing on her chest. It was odd, trying to focus attention on them to give the adorable piece of footwear the ability to speak, but she tried it nonetheless. When in Rome, she figured.

“Two things to say, actually.” The new voice was not too far off form Natalee’s own voice, perhaps a bit ‘younger’ if she had to describe it in some fashion. “The first: Create a variable holding the value zero. Then create a while loop calling on the random function, and assigning a number between one and one hundred to that variable. If the value is under sixty-six, pick a free spot on the board. If it is above sixty-seven, pick a spot that would prevent the player from winning.”

Natalee blinked a bit, her own ankle socks offering advice on her coding project? It wasn’t totally sound advice, there were a few flaws in it here and there, but it was something to work off of. Natalee supposed that even her socks didn’t know everything. “A good idea. Never thought of that….and number two?”

“Lick us again.”

Natalee found herself blushing just as deep a red as she had when Amanada made comments about her being naked. Did her own ankle socks try to come on to her? Green eyes looked to the athletic outfit standing at the foot of the bed, as if questioning what was taking place. The outfit only shrugged again, moving out from behind the foot of the bed and moving to crawl on the other side, lying to rest next to their Mistress, the toes of the puma knee highs brushing up the base skin of Natalee’s feet, making her squirm a bit at the notion. “Umm…”

“Umm?” Natalee’s anklets replied standing right on top of those small breasts, kneading their toes into them gently, a soft, almost arrogant little giggle sounding in Natalee’s mind. “C’mon, Natasha. You are staring, quite literally, at a dream come true. Take advantage of it. Let us take care of a few of those nerves, hmm?”

“Be careful, Mistress.” The English voice of Natalee’s familiar being heard again, offering up their word of warning in all of this. “As an artificer, you can lend your abilities to the objects you give sentience to as well. And while we are sure your anklets mean no ill will. What is your human saying? ‘Absolute power, corrupts absolutely?’”

Natalee watched as her anklets looked down at those puma socks. “Why do you have to spoil all the fun? We would never hurt our owner. Just...make a few dreams come true.” A snicker once again, before turning back up to Natalee, the toes of the left sock lifting up to press their big toe up against those lips, purring gently. “So, Natalee? What’s it gonna be? Just a kiss? Or you going to let us do what we’ve always wanted to do the moment you opened the packet we came in?”

Those eyebrows arched even more at that last statement. ‘The moment she opened the packet they came in?’ Green eyes looked down to the puma knee highs as if to try to find an answer, but there was none given, only a soft sigh, and the comment. “We can explain later.” Natalee gave a soft shrug, and could not help but kiss the toe pressed up against her lips, licking them gently as she wrapped her lips around it.

“A half hour, and then it’s to the dirty clothes basket. Understood?”

“Deal.” Those ankle socks replying rather quickly, already feeling themselves being imbued with the temporary abilities of their owner, ready to get to work. Before they could start however, Natalee interrupted, adding more stipulations. “My familiar reserves the right to cut that time short should you try anything sneaky, or attempt to buy more time.”

“Our deal owner, why do you wound your socks like that? Don’t you trust us?”

“I do. I trust you girls to take things too far out of your love for me, and my love for you. Which is why someone with a clear mind should be in charge.” Green eyes looked to the clock, then back to those ankle socks on top of her, a smirk “twenty-nine minutes.”

“You hear that, girls? Just enough time to make our owner scream.” Natalee gasped softly as she watched her room literally spill forth with a life of its own. Green eyes watched as her own sock drawer started to slide open, a few pairs of socks lifting their toes up and out to see what was going on, the woman unable to determine their length just yet. She didn’t get much time to, either, as she heard the sound of her zipper being undone at her jeans, both her pants and her panties slipping down her legs to leave her naked upon the bed, the shirt soon following suit to join up with those pants, forming an outfitted version of herself, sitting on their knees between Amanda’s outfit, and Natalee herself.

Those eyes widened just a bit more as she looked down to see a pair of her girlfriend’s thigh highs snake up to her ankles, each sock wrapping around them and pulling them to the corners of her bed, exactly as they would have done in one of her dreams, while a pair of knee highs with three stripes at the top, blue red then blue, did the same to her wrists, binding her tight to the bedposts.

Natalee watched as the outfit she once wore was overtaken by the athletic attire of Amanda’s, that zipper still down, and a bulge seeming to form in those shorts of the running attire, pressing itself deep within Natasha’s own outfit. The redhead looked away if only out of a desire to give them privacy, before the ankle socks that started this all used their toes to hold that face, the left sock lifting up to ‘gaze’ down into their love’s green eyes. “Just a little thought we had. What better to have at your side while being railed by your socks, than clothes being railed too?”

Green eyes darted to look over to the clock again, a smirk offered before stating. “Twenty-four minu-ooompph” Natalee found herself unable to finish the taunt as the left anklet pressed it’s body into that mouth again, the soft poly-cotton of the toes pressing down on the tongue playfully before letting go, to allow Natalee to cover the fabric in its saliva.

The soft moaning began the moment the redhead felt the soft, wonderful fabric wandering over her shaved mound gently, and only regretted that those ankle socks at her face were preventing her from looking down to see who they belonged to, or indeed what type of socks they were. Natalee supposed it didn’t matter all that much, only that it was, in fact, a pair of socks, living, or at the very least, animated. That thought alone made Natalee a bit more wet than a few moments before. This was real. This was happening.

It was only another minute or so longer, and Natalee felt the pair at her pussy start to press inside of those lips, filling her far better than any toy could, or even the real thing for that matter. The first guttural of moans muffled by the ankle socks that started this all being heard as she could feel the toes inside her press and knead against those moistening inner walls, soaking in the juices faster they they could be produced until the sock within her was soaked itself, the excess starting to dribble down on to the bed. As her body rocked with each pump, Natalee pushed harder back up against the living clothing, helping it go deeper and deeper, while feeling its twin pair wrap around her body on the outside, the toes exposing and rubbing up against the bundle of nerves just outside, helping in sending wave after wave of pure bliss through that lithe body.

Natasha then realized that the pair fucking her had to have at least be a pair of knee socks, if not longer, as she felt the one rubbing at her clit with its toes start to kiss and rub against that pert ass with its top, using the opening like a pair of lips, always teasing the backdoor, but never quite going in at the same time. In order to help this moment, the lithe redhead arched her back as much as she could, lifting her body off the bed to allow for room back there, not of a clear mind to deduce that living clothing didn’t need such room, for they had body to get in the way of squeezing in to such tight places.

Green eyes managed to turn over to the side just long enough to see the outfit she once wore being fucked by Amanda’s running outfit, the evidently dominate attire of her girlfriend managing to turn Natalee’s outfit on to its back, and straddle on top, continuing to thrust it’s newly created cock via the running shorts into that zipper hole. One might have found the act of two living outfits fucking each other odd, but it only seemed to bring Natalee closer to orgasm herself. Yearning to watch some more, but being forced to look back up to the ceiling, to the toes of the other anklet that wasn’t deepthroating her mouth.

The first orgasm that came didn’t take long to bring about, leaving those anklets with twenty-two minutes left to keep going for some more. The left anklet fucking that mouth raw stopped only long enough for the right anklet to take over, the same transition taking place at her pussy below. Natalee taking those previous few moments to let out a deep groan, a quick inhale, and was right back at sucking off the other foot in an eager fashion.

“Hmm...just like your most wild of dreams, our dear Natalee. Wouldn’t you agree?” Those anklets spoke once again, the voice just as seductive, just as mischievous as the moment a voice was given to them. Natalee could only bob her head up and down as the abuse continued on for a few minutes more, bringing forth three or of those orgasms before those puma knee highs stepped in.

“While we are sure our Mistress would love nothing more than to continue this until she fell unconscious again,” Those worn knee highs said, pulling themselves away from the outfit attire that was still fucking Natalee’s casual outfit on the other side of the bed. The familiar walking up to stand next to Natalee’s face, those toes inches away from her left ear. It felt so surreal, of the redhead was honest with herself, looking up the length of her girlfriend’s knee high socks, and seeing them having no body inside of them, it made her quiver in lust once more, “there is more information still to relay.”

“Aww...does this mean…?” Those anklets pulled out of the redhead’s mouth, the toes looking down at their owner in what Natalee simply understood to be an apologetic, ‘puppy dog’ look to attempt to garnish favor for what the anklets knew was their destination.

Natalee didn’t give in though. “As per the agreement. Amazing as you girls were, a deal is a deal.” A soft sigh given, as Natalee dropped her head to rest upon the pillow, feeling the socks that held her still start to pull away to head to the dirty clothes basket, adding with a lustful sigh. “I highly doubt this will be the only time you amaze me, either.”

“If our Mistress permits it, perhaps we can show you what we are capable of, next time?” The redhead giggled a bit at her familiar’s proposal, living rotating her body a bit to allow her to lean down a plant a kiss upon both of the big toes before saying “It’s a date, then.”

A moment of silence filled the bedroom, allowing Natalee to catch her breath, a look to the other side of the bed allowed the redhead to notice that the two outfits had seemingly become lifeless as well. A soft groan, and Natalee sat up in her bed, a thought to get dressed again before asking those puma knee highs for more information. Before the thought even finished, however, Natalee already felt the attire she wore before being fucked cover her body once again, that black T-shirt with the pink petals gently pressing itself over her top, while the panties and jeans did the same to her bottom half. A new pair of anklets covering her feet at the last. Once again a moment of surrealness passed over Natalee, as she realized she was just dressed, by her own clothing. By her own abilities. “I’m going to get used to this.”

“We kind of figured you would, Mistress. It’s kind of in your blood, after all. Even when you didn’t know you were an Artificer, you dreamt about it. Even spoke to inanimate objects as if they were alive.” Those puma socks jumped down off the bed just as Natalee stood up, following their Mistress out in to the living room again.

“Still, as right as this all feels now, there is a glaring problem.”

“Which is…?”

“An obvious one. How the hell do I keep this from Amanda? I mean, she is my girlfriend.” A scrunch of the nose at the notion of it all. “I love her. I don’t want to lose her, and unlike me, this isn’t something she’s always dreamt about, is it?”

“But she does love you, Mistress.” Those puma socks spoke, jumping up on the back of the sofa, the toes of the socks turning to face Natalee just in time for their Mistress to walk over and casually stroke one of the legs. “We know this much is true. After all, we are a pair of her socks. If you wish, ask any of her clothes, they’ll tell you the same. Amanda adores you. Will she find this weird? Yes. Will she leave you because of it? We don’t think so.”

“Yea, but I have a feeling this is the tip of the iceburg, isn’t it?” Natalee moved to plop down on the couch, bringing her feet up to rest on the other end of the sofa, her familiar jumping down to collapse upon her lap and snuggle up like a pair of ivory snakes, the toes lifting up to look at their Mistress. “There is more you have to tell me, isn’t there?”

“Far more.” Natalee groaned.

“Figured.” A soft yawn, “Fine then. A short nap first, then you can tell me a bit more during lunch.” Already Natalee snuggled in to the couch, closing her eyes before reaching down to carass one of those puma knee highs between forefinger and thumb. “Wake me up at noon. Until then, you’re in charge.”


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Really enjoyed this new story, may be add some attention to breasts and nipples? Coil around them like snakes and tease nipples with toe tips, or thigh highs's leg holes cover whole breasts like a mouths and rising and falling them, rolling around, pressing them together, tugging them. That could be nice. Same thing with those other two girls outfit, one of them possess male features. Sleeves of each other, if they exist,  holding shoulders, or holding thighs, back, neck. buttocks, rubbing stomach, caressing breasts... How their pelvises and thighs grinding each other in passion... Oh well..
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Reply #3 on: December 08, 2018, 06:43:19 AM
Really enjoyed this new story, may be add some attention to breasts and nipples? Coil around them like snakes and tease nipples with toe tips, or thigh highs's leg holes cover whole breasts like a mouths and rising and falling them, rolling around, pressing them together, tugging them. That could be nice. Same thing with those other two girls outfit, one of them possess male features. Sleeves of each other, if they exist,  holding shoulders, or holding thighs, back, neck. buttocks, rubbing stomach, caressing breasts... How their pelvises and thighs grinding each other in passion... Oh well..

A fair point, I will look in to working on the description over the weekend.