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In a writing funk


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on: April 20, 2018, 10:13:51 AM
I am in such a writing funk again. I'm not sure I want to continue 'A Slave to Socks.' It's gone in the direction in ways I'm not satisfied with...which is fine...first's never gonna be your best. I want to write, but unsure what. I'm starting to feel like any story I attempt to write is feeling repetitive, and boring. Any ideas?


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Reply #1 on: April 20, 2018, 01:41:15 PM
Start something else. Let it become something.

If it's about socks, elements of it are going to be repetitive. Mainly the socks coming to life. XD

I have the same issue with my LC stuff, but consider the following:

COUTURE CAPTURE has a lot of clothes sex.
But COUTURE CAPTURE is about...finding one's true love and revealing your WHOLE self to them, after a series of trust thresholds are passed in a given relationship. Sometimes outside circumstances force you to pass through those trust thresholds, like Derek.

SADIE AND MADDIE has a lot of clothes sex.
SADIE and MADDIE is about...Coming of age and having your life turned upside down when you just begin to understand your position in the world, shouldering the responsibilities of fantastic power, learning to fight when you have to...

HOUSEHOLD MAGIC has a lot of clothes sex.
HOUSEHOLD MAGIC is about...kind of a mixed message. One party seems to experience the repercussions of messing with powers one doesn't understand, while another party seems to begin her mastery of great power by the act of self exploration.

Are any of them masterpieces? I dunno. Not up to me. Statistically, not likely.
But are they different stories? Sure. Absolutely.

The fetish fuel is similar, and it's a critical part of the story...but does it drive the story?
I'd argue: not essentially.

So it's okay it aspects of your stuff seem the same, I'd say--if you care/make us care about the characters behind the sockfuckin'. Which, I'd say you did in your first try pretty well.

Worth Adding:

I abhor DARK MISTRESS as a whole. There are scenes I adore, and some really strong moments--but it reads like it was passed to another author twice. Sometimes you're not going to like the things you've completed. Sometimes you're going to feel this way before you've completed them.
Start something else. Let A SLAVE TO SOCKS sit for a while if need be. If the dam breaks, and you know what you want for the character at the end, define it for yourself, and then lead her there. If the socks are more the character--figure out what you want for THEM and lead them there.
If you don't know what they want, or what you want for them, hold up until you do. You might not ever know.

As long as you're in another universe building--that's fine. It happens.

ADRIKSEHN:SKIPPER was originally meant to be a sci-fi one off based on a dimension where the Villainess from DARK MISTRESS wins. I wanted to play with a place where things ruling humans is the rule, and cheating Nyxe's win was the best way to do it.
I ended up liking the character so much that I built a story for him--a background and a career.
I gave the multiverse a name, and eventually a structure.
Suddenly, what started as an excuse to play with ALL THE LC became the source of a whole multiverse...and LC ended up being an incidental part of the Adriksehn story.

So in some sense, it's okay to be repetitive. A SLAVE TO SOCKS is good. We like it.
Give yourself some time to play in another space and see what comes of it.

Make room. Try something out-there.


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Reply #2 on: April 22, 2018, 01:08:44 PM
I'm kind of hitting around with an idea of a series of short stories, perhaps. Centered around a location, maybe a bar that deals in the fantastical. A place where clothing runs the show and those that are ok with that frequent it often. Maybe even a few stories with people that don't know what they are getting in to.