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Better to save it and look from farther away. There's some very small writing on the spiral.

If you want to look at it here, my advice is to scroll all the way down, click the bottom scrollbar, and use your arrow keys to skate around.
The entire "3" block of transreality had its nodes named this weekend. That's about 6 billion spoken-for universes.

That's...a lot of universes.

This might as well be an actual field of study, jeez...
Sir, you either have too much free time on your hands or you are actually creating a new field of science and math, lol.

Well, good fantasy is about staying self-consistent.

To be self-consistent with the Ontoverse, I wanted to have a structure of the realities and ethera that made sense, so I related it to the golden ratio.
I wanted to make sure I would NEVER, EVER run out of space, so I came up with a naming/ID system that would allow for over 60 million "realities", and came up with a "range of ranges" by adding the "node" prefix (also turning the number of realities from "60 million" to "pretty much infinity").

I wanted 'our' home node, IXIBIAC, to be "cosmically important," so I put an offset cross on the golden ratio to make every 35th node in a block the "harmonic junction"--an important jumping point that allows access to greater bands of deep reality.

For reasons I haven't really gotten into in the canon yet, some nodes (and some paths within those nodes--THE SYNTYCHE, for instance) are better for transit than others. At some point I'll get more into the nature of skipping--extending the musical analogies, of course (note/phrase/tone/hum/harmonic), and explaining things like Dim-death (see chapter 1) a little bit more.

But you're right...naming EVERYTHING in the 3-block was a little bit much XD


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