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Queen Grazy, short story incomplete


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on: October 31, 2017, 11:18:01 AM
This is an incomplete short story based on a queen struck by the curse of a magic ankle bracelet, 2 spirits make the queen pay for her greed.

I posted it in celebration of halloween and also to thank Katrice Metaluna to posting the wonderful story of "The Katrice and Zamantha Halloween special. :P".

Queen Grazy, "the cursed anklet"

By day the most powerful queen, at night, the ankle curse appears. Brighten the glitter of every color and her paws absorb the ankle's soul. His nails change color and become green. There is only one green around them, while the queen Embracing Grazy looks at the properties of her feet that give off all the energy of the curse on her toes. Everyone is dazzled by the light emanating from the queen's big feet, everyone looks with amazement as the curse slides on his feet as his heels are lifted from the ground.
Two figures appear to come out of each victim's jaw.

When the spectra notice that the boots have no effect on them punishing grace by becoming the soles of the glowing boots, they still want to play with his feet and then enter his boots their boots live, change shape and become glowing, two voices creepers come out of it, boots now have the consistency of a green suspended suspension and cover all the legs so that this gelatinous mass becomes an integral part of its inferior inferior. The substance begins to dry and becomes more and more adherent and tight at its extremities. Now be together forever with you, do not you feel like these feet a little bit small? Although the queen had a size of 10, the slurry could change the shape and size of its extremities. Swing his big feet in a size 15

His anti-ghost boots have no effect on such a powerful curse. Ghosts are fun and transform high leather boots in pink non-slip socks. They appear to be a tutu in place of the long dressing gown making her naked legs naked. The ghosts decide to have some fun yet and decide to dance their big feet. Inanimate objects begin to float and slump on themselves to try to create a rhythm. The subjects of the palace run to attend the scene.
His socks emit so many magical stars when his feet plant to the ground.

I would ask help to translate in the correct form.

Happy halloween to you!,