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on: January 30, 2017, 01:45:53 AM
I think my living shoes and socks video got buried because I posted to an old link so you may not have all seen it. Anyway, I've been hard at work or working hard (however you want to interpret that) at some videos that I learned how to do a lot faster. Here's a short little 20-second teaser for a white glove video I have been working on:

In addition, here are the links for the sock and shoe video I recently did:


I've been working on more still, even clips that involve myself. I'm learning how to splice videos together and do all sorts of other stuff too. All these videos have been done the previous week, which means I can put out stuff a lot faster. Ultimately, this means more for all of you! It's always been my pleasure to help add to the content in the community, as we all know there isn't much available there other than the 15 videos we've all seen over and over again.  I'm working on more, but let me know what you'd like to see. I don't have readily available access to women's clothing at the moment (which I know you'd all like to see more than my guy clothing I've been posting), so I apologize for that.

In addition, Vestiphile will have the same program that I use shortly, and should be able to put out some stuff with women's clothing too. I have to train him on how to use the software though, but stay tuned! There's plenty of video living clothing stuff in the works.

Thanks everyone!

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