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Edit Hell / Re: A slave to Socks Ch. 11
« on: February 13, 2018, 08:46:22 AM »

The_Canadian: well said, man.

Living_Socks and Darkside: I need to learn to shut my mouth sometimes--or at least ease my tone and not read into things that aren't there. Strike two for me on this one. Apologies and carry on.

No worries from me. You know I like a good argument.

Edit Hell / Re: A slave to Socks Ch. 11
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:45:52 PM »
It's not what was said - if it came from a villain it wouldn't have the same effect. The real issue is that the story appears to accept it as valid and it's coming from a non-villain character.

Edit Hell / Re: A slave to Socks Ch. 11
« on: February 12, 2018, 12:52:03 AM »

This specific argument is likely to bring you a lot of attention you do not want to deal with. I strongly encourage a rewrite of this scene.

Bullshit. Worrying about pissing off the PC-crowd shouldn't be part of any editing constraint unless you're doing the Keynote at Reed. I would fuck right off with that concern.

It's just not the PC crowd. I don't give a fuck about the snowflakes. This particular argument has actually been made to justify actual, real-life rape.

I think a better approach would be to emphasize Tasha's general cluelessness about what people actually want, and work from there.

But it's only recommendations.

Edit Hell / Re: A slave to Socks Ch. 11
« on: February 11, 2018, 05:45:36 PM »
Hardest chapter I have written. With Chapter 12likely going to be even harder. Mostly because 1) I am a lesbian trying to include a forced sex scene with a male - experience. and 2) Because I don't think I portrayed the whole argument between Tasha's viewpoint, and Lexi's. I fully expect that to be the main point of argument when Darkside dives in to this chapter.


It's going to be one of those low rating/little happening chapters in terms of ratings on Literotica, because there isn't much happening in this chapter, save for teasing Robert, and setting up for the fuckfest that is coming in Chapter 12. Like I said...I full expect this Edit to be cut up to ribbons...which is fine...I'm not entirely happy with how it is written maybe some brainstorming before publishing is in order.
That's what Edit Hell is for. :)
Chapter 11:
You haven’t eaten yet, have you Love?” Tasha’s voice was heard for the first time since leaving the classroom, taking only a few moments to gather her things left upon the desk, take a quick glance at the passed out professor at her desk, and push it out of her mind to move on. Whatever happened, it was probably best Lexi didn’t know in the first place. She was quite sure a pair of animated socks that could animate other clothing was capable of killing,

Um. This chapter features explicit mention of rape and murder. Why? It's unnecessary to go this dark, you aren't writing the next Justice League.

Also, she might not now what happened to the professor, but we should.

“I can just get food on the way home. There is a Wen-” Lexi suddenly found herself at a complete halt, a slightly embarrassing moment, as Lexi was among a crowd of commuting students, her sudden appearance of halting - seemingly for no reason at all - causing a few students behind her to nearly bump in to her. One of them, a man around the age of nineteen, passed her on the left, looking at her long enough to say while moving “Jesus. In college, but doesn’t know how to walk. Bitch isn’t going to last long…”
That's a very awkward line. "Watch the fuck out" is much more reasonable.
“Yes. You said you could…” Lexi was then made suddenly aware that she was talking aloud, and to everyone else, talking to herself. Immediately her face took on a deep red flush, envious of Tasha’s ability to speak telepathy. It was made even worse considering she had to finish this sentence aloud. In a desperate attempt to keep it as low as possible, Lexi tried to whisper it, barely audible even to herself. “ could fuck me, any time, any where.”

What was that? We’re sorry, maybe it’s because we are in this fucking bag, but we didn’t hear that?” Lexi could sense sarcasm when she heard it, and this comment was drooling with it. She knew Tasha could hear her words quite clearly, as when speaking to her Mistresses, her voice would be crisp and clear as’s just how their connection worked. Unlike the telepathy, this was two way as well. The crowd of people around here created the usual ‘buzz’ of noise of people talking amongst each other. It was not loud, but it was loud enough to hide a whisper. Still, Tasha, and indeed any clothing Tasha gave a voice to, always came to her mind crisp and clear, as if it could not be ignored, hampered, or interrupted in any way. “We don’t even think your shirt heard it, and they are the closest thing to your fucking face.”

Too much "fucking" here.
“Hmm? Oh! No. I heard nothing.” Chiming in, as if on queue. Lexi wasn’t surprised, animated clothing was under the control of the animator, that animator being Tasha. Of course the shirt would agree, doing otherwise would simply cause in the clothing losing its animation.

Another dark turn. Are we sure Tasha isn't Chaotic Evil?

“Do I get a choice of what I get to eat?” She asked in a bit of a biting tone, only regretting it a few moments after finishing the sentence. She had to make a mental note to keep her sarcastic tendencies when upset or angered at a check, at least around Tasha and other clothing. “I mean..”

Don’t apologize. We’d advise using caution when using that tongue of yours, but don’t stop using it all together. It isn’t fun when things don’t bite back. Like an easy win, it’s...unsatisfying.”

Nope, nope, nope. Tasha's been getting cruel when sassed. This is out of character.

“Can I ask why we are here?”

For more fun, of course. You need to lighten up, and enjoy it more.”

I enjoy the fun, Mistress. I just wish the fun was...well...mostly socks.” Lexi timed saying such perfectly, finishing the comment before moving through the line to gather a few pieces of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and a bit of gravy to go with.

"saying such perfectly" is a line I don't understand. What are you trying to say?
“Spoken as if she has a choice!” Tasha laughed rather poignantly. “It should be clear to you by now, darling. Just do what we want, and you will get all the fun you can imagine.” The was a moment of calmed silence as Tasha finished gathering her food, pulling out her card from her purse to pay for it, and proceeding to head to a table to eat.

"poignantly" isn't doing much work here. A different adverb would be better.

It was at this moment that Tasha found herself not in control anymore. The girl was getting better at reacting to this already, avoiding losing balance and dropping her food from the sudden change in direction, and even managing to make it look rather natural in the process. Blue eyes adjusted to see where she was going, and noticed she was moving head onto a secluded table that was occupied by a single man, dress in a simple deep blue T-shirt, jeans, and black sneakers. She watched as she witnessed those shoes already start to untie themselves of their own accord, and could see something moving at just about under the knee of the male. Lexi wanted to stop, but found that she couldn’t due to her clothes pushing her forward “M-mistress?”

Does she have an angle to see all of this going on?

“Know what we found out in the short time you’ve since you animated us, pet?” Tasha said rather coyly. “It’s that you humans get off so easily. It doesn’t matter who, or what, is doing it. If it feels good, you are ready to cum.”

Wh-what do you-”

Sure, that man wants a woman’s mouth around his dick, but in the end, having his underwear rub him in just the right spots, and the end result is the same. A rock hard cock.” Still Lexi found herself walking to the man’s table, noticing him focus less on his food, and more on what was happening to him, feeling an unexplainable, but at the same time wonderful feeling taking place in his pants. His brown eyes darting about in panic to make sure no one was witnessing his cock start to thicken, becoming more rigid. “We’ve also noticed how despite your lust for getting fucked, you are incredibly embarrassed by it. Look at him, pet. He’s clearly loving what his underwear is doing to his cock, squeezing and rubbing against his member to make it stand to attention, as it were. You’d think he wouldn’t give two fucks what is going on around him...yet he does. You’d also think he would not give two fucks as to what is giving him a hard on, only that he has one. Weird, isn’t it?”

N-not really.” Lexi dared to reply, not focusing on her walking, or any attempts to stop walking, as she wasn’t in control of it anyway. “It’s called modesty. Sex is a fucking incredible feeling, yes. But it’s also messy, not something you want to proudly display.” When Lexi found that she wasn’t being forced to shut up, or any reprimands for speaking out of turn, Lexi continued. “People aren’t like me. They don’t know, or even expect, that their clothes can get them off. He might be enjoying it now, but that doesn’t mean he’d prefer the underwear you animated, over a woman.”

This is not the actual problem here. You're squarely into real-world rape-justification territory and I'm not sure that's where you want to go. You could have Tasha force Lexi to flirt with him a little and tease him about what "she" can do, and get some degree of consent that way.
“Then let’s change his preferences.”

Let’s show him what he is missing”

Lexi blushed a deep red then, by now finding herself a few steps away from the man’s table, his brown eyes eventually focusing on her, but his mind clearly elsewhere as his underwear continued to make that cock grow. “Mistress, please. I-”

You are a lesbian. You don’t like cock. We know. We can animate your clothes after all.” Tasha said in a smug voice. “That is how we know that you at one point did suck cock, {your} boyfriend’s, at least until the breakup.” Lexi sat down at the table, the man clearly in too much of a confused state to even say a greeting, or more likely, an attempt to say something to make her leave. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a choice even if she did. There was no point in debating this, it was going to happen here, and was going to happen now.

You look preoccupied.” Lexi smiled to the man, watching as his hands flexed into fists then balled up again, only to repeat the process a few more times in an attempt to regain composure of himself. It was probably so stiff, it was becoming uncomfortable within those jeans. Lexi, having control of her body once again, leaned forward, placing her elbows upon the table, then proceeded to rest her chin upon them, watching the man intently.

I-I’m…” A hard swallow from the man fidgeting in his seat as the action in his pants continued {to} command his attention. Eventually he finished. “I’m fine. Who are you?”

Minor corrections.

“Look. I get that it’s a bit hard to grasp and all, but it’s happening. See, my Mistress is curious.” Lexi bit her lip a bit, trying to find a way to explain this without insulting those red striped knee highs in the process. “They think that no matter what is causing a person to experience the joy of sex, the person is going to love it no matter what. I am saying that, while that may be true in the moment, it isn’t when it’s all said and done. Right?”

What..what you mean like rape?” For how the man was holding up with the raging boner in his pants, Lexi was rather surprised he could keep up with the conversation.

Yes, like exactly that.

“Yea. Yea, I suppose like that. In that scenario, my Mistress is saying that the mere fact that the woman is getting fucked in to an orgasm is proof enough that she enjoyed it. That it’s the moment of orgasm that is all that matters.”

This specific argument is likely to bring you a lot of attention you do not want to deal with. I strongly encourage a rewrite of this scene.

Edit Hell / Re: A test story.
« on: January 27, 2018, 06:08:44 PM »
Very good so far, I like the naming, it helps.

Edit Hell / Re: A slave to socks Ch. 10 (I'm rusty. be gentle)
« on: January 25, 2018, 09:40:11 PM »

Not sure what you mean. If this is in regards to your defense post. I agree largely with what you said.

V has a habit of introducing a concept on page 1, having an orgy on page 2, and then having everyone fly around by page 3, and then Page 4 is just the line "Wtf do I do from here?"

We've largely cured him of that, though. :)

No, forgive me, it's a bad joke about flight, flying, not-respecting-gravity, etc.
Darkside hates it too, but I could always brush it off as his little issue. Now that it capable writer hates it, too, I'm reconsidering that I might just be a hack.  ::)

I just find it funny that you both feel the need to respect gravity, but you don't have to respect the fact that locomotion (let alone thought/speech) usually takes some sort of mechanical/electrical/biological energy processing and potentiary system. I know that we're each talking about our own preferences in things, but now that Darkside has someone who agrees with him, I feel like I had to whine a little and attempt to defend my own hack writing--however pitifully.

1) Stop whining

2) It's never been about respecting gravity. It's always been about controlling power creep to force you into good writing, a project that has largely been successful.

The notion of a pair of white low cut ankle socks owned by a cheerleader, getting verbally abused by them..stating how they can't stand being on the feet of someone so dense. Maybe finish it off with a remark about how its no wonder any boys like her...if she sucked dick as bad as she sucked them. A fun idea to play around with in future chapters.

This, but with knee or thigh socks in the more classic cheerleader uniform. Socks you can't see aren't any fun. ^_^

Edit Hell / Re: A slave to socks Ch. 10 (I'm rusty. be gentle)
« on: January 24, 2018, 09:42:34 PM »
Damn, TLS, you definitely belong in this writing crew.

Edit Hell / Re: A slave to socks Ch. 10 (I'm rusty. be gentle)
« on: January 22, 2018, 09:30:47 PM »

The darkest thing I ever read was Sinsub's The Collar. This is darker even the mind-control slave-making stories I've skimmed over. But it's brilliantly written and tells a compelling story. I originally thought it reflected some unhealthy impulses of the author (who I otherwise like), but come to find out the author is a woman whose fantasy here is that of the victim.

So I would discard judgments about the healthiness of the author's mind based on their writing. Now, if you want to talk about the relationship between Lexi and her socks, I think that is trending in a quasi-abusive direction, but we'll see how the story plays out (since we're giving TLS an anxiety attack now :P ). I'm more concerned with the animation going viral and the story turning into Enchanted Panties.

Edit Hell / Re: A slave to socks Ch. 10 (I'm rusty. be gentle)
« on: January 21, 2018, 09:42:40 AM »

Like I said...I'm rusty. Just got a working computer, haven't looked at this story since...trying to get back in to things.
Lexi’s eyes grew wide as she found herself being flung into the outfit’s midsection.

Which outfit?

Sure, she’s rather those nike socks foot deep in to her mouth, but beggars can’t be choosers.

She's not really a beggar here, is she? She just doesn't have a choice.

Assuming that the comment regarded them as well,

"the command included them" is clearer.

Only inches away however, they were stopped by the knee socks that animated them. “Not you."

This is an awkward description. "Red-striped socks" or just "Tasha" is much clearer

Hesitating on heeding out commands,

Either heeding or obeying, "heeding out" is not correct.

Tasha walked off, leaving the clothing to do with Lexi what they will, walking under the desks to reach the professor that was already feeling the affects of her own clothing betraying her.

This is too vague. What is happening?

Every so often, she caught sight of the girl she originally licked the knee high socks of

Off, also, she didn't lick the socks off?

noticing her face also went from fear to pure bless


“How was that…” she said in a bewildered tone before deciding not even to complete her sentence. Partly due to being tired, but also due to the girl’s own clothing coming back toward her while the socks moved away. In but a few minutes, the other woman was dressed back up in her own clothing, though her own knee highs remained with Lexi, forcing the sneakers to slip on to bare feet. About to ask for socks back, Lexi quickly interrupted. “They are staying with me. Like I said, I think they enjoyed me licking them. I plan to do more...if Mistress will let me.”

Personal tic, but she should ask for her socks back and her socks should intimidate her into letting them go. It seems weird that Lexi is making this decision.

“You’d give yourself to them as well, if you could. I mean, hell, just a second ago, you were begging for your own socks back.”

Except she wasn't This is also the perfect chance for her socks to tease her, maybe threaten that if they go back with her, she's going to be forced into working out?

The former classmate just nodded a few times, and very slowly got to her feet, halfway expecting her clothing to take over again. It was a reassuring glance from Lexi that told her that they were inanimate again, and she very quickly made her way to the classroom door, opening it up to peer out before quickly disappearing out of it.

Why inanimate? Of course there shouldn't be runaway animation, but why not keep them up to make sure she behaves?

“So long as it doesn’t make us upset."

This is a "no".

The suggestion is useful, I will consider it.

She first saw them move after she got out of the shower, a sudden movement of pink in the corner of her eye. When she looked, she just saw her thigh-high socks in a pile on the floor, and she wrote it off and assumed they had just fallen. But as she was getting dressed, she sat down on the bed, and noticed that they weren't there anymore. She frowned, wondering if she had imagined the entire thing when she felt something fuzzy on her toes and jumped back onto the bed.

In an instant, she felt the socks fly up her legs despite her panicked kicks. She could feel them... stroking her legs, and squirming around with her in them. She tried to get them off, but even though they slid around and moved freely, she couldn't move them down an inch. She groaned in frustration and threw herself back on the bed. She laid there a minute before blowing out an exasperated sigh and getting back up, to head into work. She wore jeans and chunky sneakers with a sweater, given the circumstances. She was lucky it was a holiday and no one would care what she wore. Even as she left her house, she could still feel the socks squirm occasionally, and her sneakers wouldn't stay tied, but she had to go.

At least on the drive in the socks didn't do anything, and she began wondering if she hadn't just imagined the whole thing. She pulled into the parking lot without incident, but once the engine was stopped and she started grabbing her stuff to head into the office, she felt her feet tapping on the floor. Her eyes snapped down and watched her feet, tapping happily away as if she was really excited for something. She felt really nervous about what happened next, but when she tried to step out of the car, her legs worked fine, and she headed in.

General Discussion / Re: Living Clothing Videos
« on: January 17, 2018, 09:47:48 PM »
Nice work so far. Eager to see what you can produce when you start doing editing, instead of raw feeds.

General Discussion / Re: Living Clothing Videos
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:39:05 PM »
Those boots are cute.

General Writing Forum / Re: Computer died on me. Back, but at a loss
« on: January 15, 2018, 10:08:13 PM »

Been there.

You have two girls naked in a classroom and one girl just had her clothes jump off her. What is the very next thing to happen?

General Writing Forum / Re: Computer died on me. Back, but at a loss
« on: January 14, 2018, 01:36:23 PM »
Well, what happens in the next 5 minutes after chapter 9? Start there. :)

Also, welcome back!

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