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Off-Topic Board / Can I get some feedback on this pixel art I made?
« on: December 30, 2017, 08:46:25 PM »
Now, I know this isn't at all related to the stories but I wanted some feedback as this site's  all about magic, right? I'm planning on starting my own DA account with the settings from the stories here as one of my primary sources for ideas and topics. You may want to open up a pixel art program like Piskel in order to bask in the full glory of this trash. What do you all think?

Original Size:

Enlarged (slightly blurry, sorry):

Here's what each symbol is supposed to mean, from top left to bottom right:
  • Fire: recognizable in many RPG's and other fantastical settings. One of the first spells taught.
  • Lightning: another recognizable spell. Useful for paralyzing enemies or overloading electronics.
  • Ice: almost as recognizable as fire spells. Could be used as a replacement for freezers.
  • Healing: if you don't know what green crosses mean in video games, you've never played enough of them.
  • Dark: typically seen on necromancers and other demonic entities. Purple is a standard, apparently.
  • Technological: at some point in the future, technology might as well be synonymous to magic.
  • Earth/Stone: uncommon, though the most expert magicians in this field can literally move mountains.
  • Mundane: you have no magic. Simple as that.
  • Anti-Magic: chaotic and unappealing. This stuff chews through normal magic like the Blob.
Other notes:
  • The one for tech and mundane look similar because I figured they would originate from the same mundane origin. One origin may focus on technology a lot while the other kind of "plateau's" in tech development.
  • The Dark symbol was supposed to represent ethereal magic like telekinesis, as mentioned in the stories. I figured, though, that a purple coloring more suited the more "evil" magic stuff.
  • I tried to make the Anti-Magic symbol more chaotic looking but you could only do so much with pixels.

General Art / Re: More about the Ontoverse
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:01:06 PM »
This might as well be an actual field of study, jeez...
Sir, you either have too much free time on your hands or you are actually creating a new field of science and math, lol.

Save it to your computer and try it that way. Hotlinking is generally a mistake anyway.

Tried it. I'm straight up giving up on this profile pic business. What does it want from me!?  :'(

General Writing Forum / Re: Content Ideas
« on: December 06, 2017, 11:29:22 PM »

I got two that I've been wanting to share for a few weeks:

(1) The main protagonist is assaulted/molested/pleasured by one more disembodied hand every new chapter.

The storyline would be "simple:" in the first chapter, the main protagonist is woken up by a hand caressing their face. Fast reflexes allows the protagonist to grab the hand, and they quickly discover that the hand is connected by nothing. The hand is floating by its own accord, and the hand seems to be excited the protagonist has woken up.

Chapter two adds another hand to the mix. This goes on and on for how many chapters the author would like. Every hand can be completely unique or every two hands could be a pair. Each of the hands - or pair of hands - could have their own "personality" and traits. One hand could be slender and careful, always nice to protagonist. Another could be a really strong, fighter type hand but in turn would be really clumsy.

Just imagine by chapter twenty, the protagonist has twenty different hands to be mindful of, with each hand having the same goal of making sure the protagonist is happy with it.

(2) (Based on elements from Vestiphile's Adriksehn:Skipper, the videogame The Division, and various other FPS games) An Ether Creation Farm and a Luxury Skyline Mezzanine have both been subverted and taken over by various Human factions.

The story could progress as one would an FPS RPG:

The first few chapters would have the "Tier 1" antagonist factions as the main enemies. The heroes would encounter an unusually high number of enemy Humans infected with a rare, but deadly, enchantment known as Anti-Magic, or A-Magic for short. Where the Humans got infected by A-Magic is unknown, but whats more disconcerting is that the weapons they use are also infected by the enchantment. While the "early game" factions are light in discipline and difficulty, the heroes must still be cautious while engaging against these factions. A-Magic has been known to damage, weaken, or outright kill entities and Humans powered by normal Magic. The protagonists can only fear the worst for the magical entities that resided in the Farm when the outbreak happened.

The middle chapters would have the "Tier 2" antagonist factions as the main enemies. The Human factions here are equipped with even deadlier A-Magic enchanted weapons compared to the ones encountered in the Farm. These weapons include A-Magic .50 caliber snipers, A-Magic grenade launchers, and even A-Magic flamethrowers. Most unsettling, however, are the Vestinians turned hostile due to A-Magic infection. Whether by force or some other method, all A-Magical Vestinians now listen to a new commander and are controlled by the enemy Human factions in the Mezzanine. The Humans here are skilled and disciplined, as if they are military. In fact, the equipment they use and the training they have are so above the Humans in the Farm that the protagonists can theorize that the Mezzanine Humans are from another, Human-controlled dimension.

I can only assume Vestinia's Mezzanines in Adriksehn:Skipper are huge. As in, the size of several tens of city blocks huge. One Mezzanine, I can imagine, is the size of the Dark Zone found in The Division.

The "endgame" chapters would have the "Tier 3" antagonist factions. The heroes find themselves face-to-face with forces that could challenge Nyxe and her Elite Sentinels. These forces are up to the author, but their goal remains the same: they want Nyxe eradicated and Vestinia taken. The only thing that would be known to the heroes when these factions are introduced is that they have a Base of Operations somewhere in Space and have ownership of a hard-to-find trans-dimensional gateway that can bypass the Syntyche (i.e. can easily open a breach to another dimension undetected without going through the Syntyche).

Please share what you all think! I hope they aren't both too long of a read.

It resizes the image, so that's not the issue. When you select "upload", are you plugging in a URL or uploading an image from your computer?

I am uploading from the imgur website. I'm using a direct link, as shown in the example:

What I want:

Guess imgur doesn't work for this forum, I suppose?

Did you make sure the radial selection was set to "Upload an avatar"?

I did set the selection to "upload an avatar," if "specify avatar by URL" is what it is... I'm not seeing an option that explicitly says "upload an avatar."
The option keeps being reset to "no avatar" whenever I save the changes, so I think I gotta make my preferred profile pic even smaller, I guess?

Anyways, I'll bother with the pic later on. Things like that irritates me so much.  >:( 

I actually do have a sort of "prompt" in mind that I want to share to the forums tomorrow. Excited to post it!


Alright, thanks! Good to know that I'm not too restricted on what to post.

It's under account settings in the Profile tab up top. Modify Profile -> Forum Profile. You'll see the change after you save and refresh a page in the forum you posted in.

Still not able to see if my profile pic changed, if at all.

I first wanted to change it to something like this size:

then to this size:

But none of those showed up when I refreshed the page on this thread. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time to see changes or are those the wrong sizes for an avatar?

Hello all! I'd like to contribute some ideas/drafts I have to the site. Before I do so, I usually like to have some really nit picky questions answered before diving head first into the discussions.

So, one: how do I change my avatar/profile picture and how do I know if it is done?

Two: do my posts have to be full on stories and story ideas, art, etc?

And finally: are there any "red flags" I have to avoid? Example: what is offensive here, what topics/ideas should I avoid, etc?...

Thanks for reading! I'll try to see if I have something for the forums later in the week if I can... Also if there is a FAQ page, I'll usually read through it all.

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