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Literally this post as well.

Okay, very cool stuff! A lot of it makes sense, sort of... at least how I am able to interpret it all.

I'm reading all this stuff and then you started throwing all these scientific words at me. That's where my mind just started to crumble. I'm not trying to throw shade; my brain just cannot...

Can you translate the more complex stuff into layman's terms... please...? Like what in the f-ck is





the entire concept of this multiverse


At this point, I feel like I'm making misconception after misconception. I should reread the stories again and what not, jeez...

Literally the entirety of your post.

Ah, I see, I see. Makes more sense now. What are some lowly Humans going to do against a literal goddess in her own dimension? A world where she essentially sees and manipulates everything?

Thanks for clarifying most of the errors in my post! The context behind all this is that Vestinia is Earth but simply taken over by rampant magic. I figured that before the complete takeover, very small pockets of resistance would form throughout the Vestian world. These resistance cells would be like canker sores on an otherwise beautiful set of lips: they would be very apparent and at most a nuisance but would clear up in no less than a week. Some of these pockets are a little more irritating than others but, of course, are still easily dealt with.

I never meant the whole idea to be like Warhammer; I don't even play the game nor its genre! The idea was more suited for an FPS or a cover-based third-person shooter.


Still though, the thing that kind of irks me is that Vestians and similar races seem to have no weakness. No way of stopping them, no way of... killing... them. Some poor idiot may rip and tear hundreds of articles of clothing or what not and still the Vestian itself would be unharmed. If there was any sign of weakness or some material these races are weak to, they are very, very good at hiding it.

Vampire? Wood or silver. Werebeast? Typically silver. Ghost? Finish its business or leave it alone. Zombie? Decapitation or burn it. Dullahan? Gold. Human? Remove the connections to either the brain, heart, or lungs.

Vestian? ... Good f-cking luck. You find yourself trapped by them, you must as well be dead or worse.


"But you know where I'm from," the Lurker continued, "we both mostly the same. We take what we want, wid' no care 'bout who we took it from, amirite?"
"I'm glad I ain't in your dimension. If we had your powers - sh-t... - the things we do to them pigs."
"Here's the deal, Lady, we comin'. A storm. Go ahead and bring yah shit here. See if your Ves- Vesiti- Vestian, f-ck you call yourselves, can even do all that magical sh-t here wher' am' from!"

[Warning: message may have been a declaration of war.]

[/size](Image is not mine and is edited from another image that is not mine. I stole it and made it mine.)

Then obviously there must by some form of hostility in Vestian society, particularly in the Human sectors. These guys are based on a content idea I posted a few weeks ago.

Humans (Normal Name/Hardmode Name)

Human Lurker/Rioter (Basic Archetype)
  • Health: Low.
  • Armor: Low.
  • Weapon: Pistol or SMG.
  • Special Ability: None.
  • Basic Info: the majority of the Human population that are somewhat resistant to the effects of Vestians. They wield pistols and SMG's that are loaded with Anti-Magical bullets, which allows them to deal a small amount of real damage to any Vestian they can find. Be wary, though, as they always roam around the streets in packs. They also shamelessly self-insert fan fictions, which very strange. These Humans should be easy to dispatch, however, as they themselves are infected with the Anti-Magic.
Human Claw/Scratcher (Rusher Archetype)
  • Health: Low.
  • Armor: None.
  • Weapon: Melee.
  • Special Ability: Anti-Magical claw.
  • Basic Info: Humans who have been "gifted" by a mutation of the Anti-Magical enchantment with a powerful "claw" that replaces their dominant hand. This claw is very much harmful to both mundane and magically-potent Humans. Vestians should also be wary of this type of Humans, as their claw can scratch them, dealing real damage. They also happen to be very fast and very agile, able to vault and climb obstacles with ease.
Human Seeker/Watcher (Sniper Archetype)
  • Health: Medium.
  • Armor: Low.
  • Weapon: Marksman Rifle.
  • Special Ability: Anti-Magical Third Eye.
  • Basic Info: Humans who have been "gifted" with a "third eye" from the Anti-Magical enchantment. This third eye acts as an eagle eye, making their marksmanship with their weapon very dangerous at long range. Disturbingly, they can see the true forms of Vestians; as a consequence, they can see the "core" of Vestians and are very much silent about it. They... don't want to share what they see.
Human Boss/Commander (Leader Archetype)
  • Health: High.
  • Armor: High.
  • Weapon: Assault Rifle or LMG.
  • Special Ability: Tactical Buff.
  • Basic Info: Humans who have been "gifted" with the ability to strengthen their allies through a passive buff to both mundane and Anti-Magical damage. By doing a quick fist pump, they release a wave of Anti-Magic that boosts the offensive capabilities of nearby teammates. Higher level Bosses can release an even bigger and more potent wave of Anti-Magic as an emergency when they reach low health. This wave can temporarily quadruple all offensive stats of allies while simultaneously weaken enemies unfortunate enough to be caught in its radius.
These won't be all of them but you should get the theme of these enemies.

General Discussion / My own take on the Vestian power levels and classes.
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:50:25 PM »
This is kind of like a response to the other thread Vestiphile made. I figure that the Vestian population not only has ranked Vestians but also specialized Vestians more suited to one role than other roles. Obviously not canon but here we go:

Vestians (Normal Name/Hardmode Name)

Vestian Controller/Techy
  • Magical Level: Medium.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Special Ability: Electronic Manipulation. These Vestians are well experienced in the art of controlling electronics. Using their magic, Controllers are able to power electronic machinery such as computers and printers. Higher level Controllers are able to manipulate the individual pixels on a computer screen, warping images and videos without the need for the usual software. Some of the highest level Controllers are able to spoof electronic readers such as card readers and fingerprint scanners, allowing access to more restricted areas without the system ever believing that such areas were accessed by some unseen entity.
Vestian Tosser/Bombardier
  • Magical Level: High.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Special Ability: Ether Grenades. These specialized Sentries are able to pack and condense magic into a volatile ball of energy. How much energy is in the little ball is up to them. These Sentries are most commonly found in Human areas where they are called in to break up possible riots, using non-fatal Ether Grenades for crowd control. Higher level Tossers can lob very powerful balls of energy, each one with enough power to blow a hole into even the toughest structures.
Vestian Wisp/Sprite
  • Magical Level: Low.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Special Ability: Tangible Hallucinations. These rather sadistic Vestians are the guards inside the farms. While their magical level is low compared to other Vestians, they are still a greater match than any mundane Human. Carefully using their magic, they are able to form hallucinations that are only seen by their unfortunate victim. These hallucinations are completely tangible to their victim but are otherwise unseen by others around them. Sometimes, these hallucinations are often harmful to their victim: in one case, a Human was fighting with whom she claims was another Human, though the Humans around her were no where near her location.

These were the kinds that were on the top of my head when I was thinking about Vestians and how the work and what not.

General Discussion / Re: Vestian (& some other character power classes)
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:20:55 PM »
I figure that Lurking_Rioter might be interested in this info :D

You would be absolutely the fricc correct on that! Though, I wonder if the Vestians have more specialized roles. Kind of like how Nyxe has those huge, yoga pants Sentries in and around Vestinia.

I like how you placed Nyxe into the S4 category. Just S4? Bruh, she probably needs to be S1000 because the way your story provides context for her power, she doesn't rule the world, she is the entire world.

General Discussion / Re: Introductions
« on: December 31, 2017, 09:28:06 PM »
Damn, I didn't realize there was a thread for introductions.  :P  I already made a thread introducing me but I figured making a proper one here would be okay.

Well here's my proper intro:
I play vidya a lot. Sometimes entire weekends just on one vidya, like ES: Oblivion or Kingdom Hearts.
Ever since middle school, I had a slight kink for people getting tickled and/or violated by things unseen. Then I discovered the late AdultCollapsingFiction site which turned into this one. To me, this site's a gold mine.

I'd like to be able to draw or at least create pixel art with as much patience as an experienced artist. I could also create written fiction but again: patience is what I lack. If anyone could give me tips about gathering patience, I would surely appreciate it!

Off-Topic Board / Re: Can I get some feedback on this pixel art I made?
« on: December 31, 2017, 05:21:43 PM »
It's a really fantastic turn-based strategy game with absolutely nothing to do with the forum's theme.

Hmm. What if I turn some of the characters from the stories into something like in Advance Wars...? Not the character images but the tiny, unit animations when they are on the screen. Hmmmmmm..................

Off-Topic Board / Re: Literally gonna kms over this avatar change thing.
« on: December 31, 2017, 05:14:59 PM »
fixed. Not sure what I did differently from what you were doing.

I see it now! Thank you very much!

Off-Topic Board / Re: Can I get some feedback on this pixel art I made?
« on: December 31, 2017, 09:31:16 AM »
Holy shit, I hate this forum software. Any attempt I make at preserving the font size turns my shit unreadable and size .0000000001 px.

But enough about my crappy webmastering. Still no idea what Advance Wars is. Never had a handheld gaming system.
Probably a bit late for me to get into new games (any games, really) if anyone ever wants to see writing again. :D 

Ah, shame. You should really google Advance Wars. Turn based, kind of like a chess board. Like I said, some of the character themes are pretty neat and catchy. There is going to be at least one theme that must fit your musical taste.

I've never really played with pixel art except to make web favicons back in my website days...your panel is a pretty cool start.

Thanks! Everyone's gotta start somewhere, right?

Off-Topic Board / Re: Literally gonna kms over this avatar change thing.
« on: December 31, 2017, 01:36:43 AM »
Thanks, all. I really can't get my own profile pic to appear. Will try again later.

Off-Topic Board / Re: Can I get some feedback on this pixel art I made?
« on: December 31, 2017, 01:35:38 AM »

Green Earths, Red Stars, Blue Moons and yellow comets?
All I can think of is lucky charms :D
I have no idea what advance wars is, so at least half of the reference is lost on me...which also means I'm not sure how any of that would tie to the Ontoverse.

I should have mentioned: not trying to tie in anything to your universe. Its just that I found your story really engaging even before the erotica. The setting, the context - really unique stuff.  :D
So I figured I would "leech" off of your story, gather some small tidbits from it, and I... made this.

Also, Advance Wars is an old franchise. Remember the Gamebody and the DS handhelds? The franchise was like a precursor to Fire Emblem. Here, this image should give you a vague idea:

The thing that brought me into this game was the sick-ass music. Search it up: at least one of the characters' themes will fit your fancy!

Off-Topic Board / Re: Can I get some feedback on this pixel art I made?
« on: December 30, 2017, 11:45:07 PM »
One more I almost forgot to put.

If you can't already tell, I am a fan of Adriksehn:Skipper and I think its setting is a great place to start stories. The atlas and glossary in the story are also a great addition.

So, here's this one's explaination:

If you've played Advance Wars, you probably already know what I was going for in this one.
  • Vestinia, based on Green Earth.
  • Systemia, based on Orange Star.
  • Aristo, based on Blue Moon.
  • Iscarisla, based on Yellow Comet.
  • Syntyche, based on Black Hole. I figured this one would have the black hole-esque symbol because, according to the atlas, its a "gateway" to many other dimensions.
  • Hytypica, Black Hole, but kinda worse. From top left to bottom: based on SCP, based on Last Man Battalion (The Division), and based on Hunters (The Division).

Off-Topic Board / Literally gonna kms over this avatar change thing.
« on: December 30, 2017, 08:50:59 PM »
How did you guys change your avatar? Tried direct links from imgur, tried direct links from my own folders - nada.

Need some help because I never had this kinda problem on other forum boards.

Off-Topic Board / Re: Can I get some feedback on this pixel art I made?
« on: December 30, 2017, 08:46:59 PM »
I might make a bigger version of this stuff if I gather enough patience like I did for this piece.

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