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General Art / Endora, Katrice and Mayhem at a tavern.
« on: April 03, 2018, 12:25:05 AM »
This is a more recent attempt at making fancy SL screenshots. It's composed of multiple shots taken at precisely the same camera angle with and without effects so I could layer them in Photoshop to make 'em look exactly how I wanted. Then I went and added more effects on top of that. Specifically the limb glowy. I really like the limb glowy. You can't have parts of your body possessed by faerie magick without them glowing and sparkling!

General Art / Katrice & Mayhem by OneDollarBilly
« on: January 28, 2018, 12:57:01 AM »
I said I would share this but I'd neglected to do so. Here's the commish from OneDollarBilly I got. Kinda awesome that he accepted a commission with an anthropomorphic coyote woman in it without even blinking. I think he did a good job of it!

General Art / Feather Dusting
« on: October 24, 2017, 03:36:59 AM »
This is a commission I got about a month ago. I just got finished fancying it up, much to the approval of the artist. I've shown the first page before tho it's a teeny bit different now. Thought I'd share it here in addition to the other places I plan to share it.

It's about Katrice's dealings with an enchanted feather duster...

General Discussion / No more Bloomin' Faeries?
« on: October 23, 2017, 01:33:46 PM »
Well I just checked there like I do every Monday morning and this time the whole site's a great big 404'd! Jaycee's DA page is gone and so is his Twitter. His Tumblr is now devoid of naked and half-naked women.  :P

I'm guessing something is up. But maybe that is just me.

General Art / Bonus Halloween pic
« on: October 19, 2017, 07:47:39 PM »
My friend TG Wonder just made this for me right now. For no reason really. Other than it's nearing Halloween and he's aware of my predilections.  :P

General Discussion / OMGosh
« on: October 08, 2017, 07:41:23 AM »
Ahem. Excuse me for "drunk" posting. ;P

General Discussion / "Living gloves"
« on: August 27, 2017, 01:57:14 PM »
Well I tried to explain the whole "living clothing" thing to a buncha Furries and this was the result:

I mean I think it's funny. :V

General Discussion / TMI Tuesday
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:16:29 AM »
This is a tradition I picked up on other social websites, and I think it could fit here just as well. With some modifications anyway.

Ask me some lewd questions. About my kinks, my characters, my RP history, the stuff I've written about. Whatever. I'll try not to leave anything out in my responses. That would be the "TMI" in TMI Tuesday.

Or ask someone else some lewd and probing questions about their fantasy kinks. Maybe they'll get in the spirit of things and be as forthcoming as possible. I'd like to see if this would actually go anywhere around here.  :P

General Writing Forum / I could use some help.
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:42:09 PM »
I have a friend who sometimes likes to draw body control stuffs. He really likes Katrice and most of the things she gets herself into. He's even made a few fan drawings of her.

Anyways, earlier this year he asked if I could write a little story for him starring Katrice and his bunny-witch character Zamantha, based on the Disney cartoon "Trick or Treat for Halloween". I'm sure you've all seen that, right? The one where Witch Hazel takes control of Donald's feet with a "magic shower"? LOL

Well, for the past several months I've been trying and failing to get this story done right. Everything I've come up with so far has been, well... not right. Like, I can't get it to gel. It's supposed to be silly and funny but everything I've tried so far has just fallen flat. It's very frustrating. :P

I was hoping to get a little outside inspiration if any of you could throw some ideas at me. I wouldn't care how dumb they might sound. Just post 'em here if you got some? Please please pleeeeease?

The requirements for this story aren't too much, but they are necessary. These are:
1. It has to stay as close to the plot of the cartoon as possible, with regards to Katrice and Zamantha's roles. (no plucky nephews!)
2. At the same time, Katrice and Zamantha should keep true to their character as much as possible.
3. The story must occur on Halloween night (dur).
3. BONUS: If a reason can be found to have Katrice in a ridiculous sailor's costume then that would be icing on the cake (particularly if it's bottomless :P)

Deviation from the original story is OK if it would make things more interesting, engaging and/or funny. A heavier focus on the body control aspects of it are fine too! I'd like to avoid cartoon logic tho, in favor of a more whimsical Alice in Wonderland style.

I'm determined to get this thing done for him even if it kills me. Since no actual faeries has ever approached me to waft some inspiration into my mind, I'm left with asking all of you. No pressure tho. Nope! But as an incentive, I promise to post the resulting story here once I've finished it, so that you might also get to enjoy it. <3

And thank you!  ;D

General Discussion / The wonderful thing about triggers
« on: June 21, 2017, 02:22:28 AM »
A couple of you are already aware that I didn't start out writing stories about erotic body control stuffs. I made up a character around the whole concept and she kinda grew outta that, and I role-played as her on several MU*'s in the late 90's and early 00's.  That would be Katrice, whom I use more as an online identity now. :P

During this time of wandering around as Katrice on these places, she got many things I called "triggers". That is, lots of little enchantments placed on her that made her do a certain thing if a certain other thing happened. Usually a word uttered by Katrice or someone else, or touching her in a certain spot and in a certain way. Though sometimes it was based on time of day or week, or being in a specific place. Some people did get pretty creative!

Katrice was most often given a "gift" or a "punishment" or "curse" after someone had been done playing with her. Someone would spend a few hours having their fun with an enchanted coyote slave girl, and before they would go they'd leave her a little something to remember them by. Or if Katrice had said something to annoy them then they might have given her a very humiliating and very permanent punishment for it. Though over time that kinda happened less and less as Katrice learned to keep her mouth shut and not protest too much when someone was making a decision for her.

For example, early on in her adventures there was this one trigger placed on her that was set off whenever someone or something other than herself stroked or brushed her tail. She'd immediately plop down on the ground, her legs would spread wide open, and she'd bend all the way forward and bury face in between her legs. She'd be made to lick herself in a very, very energetic and exuberant fashion. She absolutely could not stop herself and she wouldn't be released until she had a very explosive orgasm right on her face, with her tongue eagerly lapping up the rest. But that's only if her tail's been left alone by the time that happens. If it isn't, then she's made to keep going for another mind numbing orgasm. That could go on indefinitely, until her tail was left alone. Right away you can see whomever gave her this little gift didn't even ponder the possibility that Katrice might be wearing clothes when this trigger is set off. They just assumed she'd be naked. Indeed, they just assumed a lot of things. It was an enchantment that was hastily and sloppily cast. But that didn't matter because Katrice still had no choice about it, regardless. If anyone had really desired it, they could have kept her that way forever. Lucky for her then that the longest she was ever kept that way was overnight when someone conjured up some animated brushes that constantly brushed her tail. She didn't sleep very well that night.

But oddly enough, the creature who gave this to her had not made her lick herself or else masturbate in any other way during his time with Katrice. Instead, he was curious to see her pee herself profusely. And he made her hands collect it and splash it all over herself. She was practically bathing herself in it while he sat there with a wide grin on his face and watched her! She made a lot of whimpers, cries and grunts that afternoon. Eventually he had to go for reasons he didn't bother to explain. He was nice enough to release his control over her before he left though. "And oh, by the way, from now on you'll have no choice but to lick yourself whenever someone strokes your tail. Have fun!" And that was it! No further explanations. She had no idea what the specifics were of this new rule she had to live by. She didn't start to find that out until the first time someone set it off. Not that she was really thinking about any of that right at that moment though. He might have remembered to return to her control of her limbs before he departed, but he went and left the water running. And of course she had no way of stopping that!

I'll share more of these if anyone's interested. :P

General Discussion / RP memories?
« on: June 19, 2017, 03:38:46 AM »
Who'd wanna read some anecdotes from my years playing an enchanted coyote slave girl? :P

General Writing Forum / Snippet of comic script of Katrice's story
« on: May 24, 2016, 01:30:46 AM »
Hey look I'm still here.

Well I said I was doing Katrice things. I've actually outlined a lot of the story. At least for the first year or so of events. Here's part of my attempt to show that I'm actually trying to see how this might work out as a comic.

Now I don't really know how to make a REAL script for a comic. This is just me winging it. I just wanted to see if it was possible, or if I should stick with with flowery prose and colorful metaphors, heehee.

I cut this off right at the point where Katrice starts to lose control of herself. I hope that's not being too much of a tease. I promise it actually gets a tad worse for her and you may or may not like it, haha.

Seriously, what do you think?

Page 1 (four panels):

Panel 1: A bright and sunny day. Magestic clouds near the horizon but none to obscure the cheerful rays of the sun. An idyllic overhead view of a beautiful stone path. To the left of our view (and to the left of the road from our perspective) is forest. Luscious evergreens that get more dense the further away from the road they are. They stretch off out toward the distant mountains in that direction. To the right of the road is vast vineyard; rows upon rows of equally luscious grapes. The vineyard stretches out almost all the way down the road, where from our vantage point you can make out the tallest spires of a town. This is where a person on that road is headed; a mostly naked enchanted coyote slave girl, carrying an empty basket in her arms.

Panel 2: Closeup of the enchanted coyote slave girl. We see her in much better detail now; from head to toe. From our perspective we see her walking from left to right, and so the vineyard is in the background. We see that she's wearing naught but a leather harness and a collar around her neck, not to mention some sandals on her feet. She's quite exposed otherwise, but this doesn't seem to bother her. The empty basket is slung under her arm, and she strolling with a casual gait. She doesn't look hurried. Indeed, she looks content right now.

Panel 3: We get a look inside the basket as The enchanted coyote slave girl reaches down to pick up the parchment that is inside it. It's a list of items, mostly alchemical and herbal ingredients.

Panel 4: She's mulling over it as she continues to walk down the road, like she's trying to figure out how to figure out which shop to go to first to get which items. We see her in profile again as she holds the list in her right hand, while she somewhat subconsciously plays with the metal ring on the front of her collar with her left hand.


Page 2 (eight panels):

Panel 1: We get a POV of the enchanted coyote slave girls line of sight, from directly behind her so that we see the back of her head. There's something gleaming and glittering off to her right, on the foresty side of the road. Not very far off it. Definitely by the base of one of the bigger trees there. It's piqued her interest as her ears have flagged up at attention and she stands quite still, looking off toward the glittering object.

Panel 2: The enchanted coyote slave girl quickly jogs over toward the glittering object, which we can now see is a box of some kind. A gift wrapped box. We see her here just at the end of that little jog, and she's about to place her basket down on the ground. She hasn't left the road yet.

Panel 3: We get a clearer view of the box. It's a gift box. A present. Ornately wrapped in gold foil wrappings and red ribbons. The filigree designs etched into the wrapping paper are exquisite. And the bow on top of it is the most elegant bow! There's a tag there too, attached by a fine cloth string. But it's turned so we can't see what's written on it.

Panel 4 (smaller): Closeup on The enchanted coyote slave girl's face. She looks fretful. She's gently biting her bottom lip. She's clearly anxious about something.

Panel 5 (smaller): The enchanted coyote slave girl closes her eyes and clenches her fists. She's really trying hard to prepare herself to do something!

Panel 6 (tiny): Closeup on her eyes and most of her torso. Her eyes have widened and she looks excited. She's going to do it. She's really going to do it!

Panel 7 and 8 (half size each): Closeup of the enchanted coyote slave girl's right foot. First one showing her lift it up off the road. Second one showing her land it on the ground just off that same road. Success!


Page 3 (four panels):

Panel 1: The enchanted coyote slave girl reaches down the gently flip over the tag on the present lying on the ground.

Panel 2: POV from the enchanted coyote slave girl's perspective. We her looking down to her reached out hand, having  flipped the tag over. There's but two words on it, written in quite a fancy cursive. "For Katrice"

Panel 3: A shot of her face. The enchanted coyote slave girl looks even more elated than when she took her first step off the road. Her eyes remain wide open. She's smiling.

Panel 4: A closeup of the tag, still being gently held up by her thumb and index finger. The fine details of the tag can be more clearly seen now. Even this looks to be finely crafted and no mere afterthought. The elegant cursive is a beautiful sight to behold this close up: "For Katrice"

   KATRICE: "Oh my gods! It's for me!"


Page 4 (four panels):

Panel 1: Katrice is holding the present in both her hands, having picked it up off the ground. She's standing very close to the tree where she found the present, and from this shot it's clear that she's several steps away from the road, which is behind her right now. Her elation has subsided as she looks a bit more puzzled now. She's studying the present she holds in her hands.

   KATRICE: "I wonder who left this?"

Panel 2: Katrice looks fretful again. She's lowered her hands though she still holds her present in them. She's turned her head up as she looks up to the sky.

   KATRICE: "Oh gosh, I really shouldn't be doing this! I promised!"

Panel 3: Same perspective. Katrice has held the present up again and she's looking at it with giddy excitement.

   KATRICE: "Oh but I can't ignore this! Miss Idrelle will certainly understand!"

Panel 4: A top-down shot. Katrice is holding the present with one arm now as she starts tugging on the bow in order to open her present.

   KATRICE: "I wonder what it is!"


Page 5 (five panels):

Panel 1: Full shot of Katrice as the lid is popping off the box. Katrice looks quite surprised by this! A glowy aura has surrounded the box and some sparkly glitter looks to be just starting to come out of it.

   KATRICE: "Augh!"

Panel 2: Shot of the now open box as it hits the ground, because Katrice let go of it when it popped open on her. It's still glowy, and now more colorful sparkly glitter is rising up out of it.

Panel 3: A shot of Katrice's hands, shown from top-down so the empty looking box on the ground is visible behind her hands. The colorful sparkly glitter has risen up and it's deliberately enveloped her hands.

   KATRICE: "Whu...?"

Panel 4: A view of Katrice's breasts, framed by that harness she's wearing. Her hands are in front of them, still very much surrounded by that colorful sparkly glitter. Her hands look quite eager to start teasing her nipples.

   KATRICE: "Oh my gods, this..."

Panel 5 (larger): A side view of Katrice, though we only really see her breasts and her hands. Her hands are still surrounded by that colorful sparkly glitter. Both of her index fingers are swirling around each of her nipples, which have already gotten excited and erect by just this initial attention to them.

   KATRICE: *gasp*

General Art / Endora
« on: February 04, 2015, 12:57:01 AM »

Her Magnificence, The Elder Ipsissima: Mistress Endora Kadesha Idrelle

This was a gift from my friend Ashryn and a total and pleasant surprise. I hadn't realized I managed to properly convey just what kind of person Endora was. I'm glad that I did!  ;D

General Art / Kat got her tongue
« on: February 04, 2015, 12:53:39 AM »

"I didnt mean to get stuck out here, honest! I I"

Katrice felt control of her tongue slipping from her even before Endora raised her hand. A moment later and she lost control of her hands too, as she was made to stick her tongue out of her mouth and hold it firm with her fingers.

"Shush, little one," Endora said in a tone both soft and demanding. "Lest you get yourself into more trouble than you already are. How many times have I told you NOT to taunt the fae?" She looked thoughtful for a moment, as she looked down at Katrice. "Hmm, I think Ill keep you like this for a while. Were going home, now."

All Katrice could do was blush intensely while she made a weak, if rather muffled whimper.

(The caption is crap but I like the picture. This is yet another commission from TG Wonder. I have to be about the only person who doesn't get TG/TF commishes from him, haha!)

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