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Short Scenes / Mermaid to human transformation
« on: September 14, 2020, 07:50:20 AM »
Warning this is NSFW and contains Yuri/breathplay

   Deep underwater Sylph the mermaid was lazing on a giant bubble.  She sees approaching her a nude woman with what appears to be a bubble over her head 2 large bubbles over her breasts as well as a large pink bubble gripped from underneath by her left hand.  "Hello"? Said Sylph to the the slowly swimming human.

   "Hi my name is Irene and I've been looking for you!".  "Why are you looking for me?".  "Because I heard that you wanted to be human for a while!"  This was one of Sylphs fantasies "How can you do that?"  "Easy this condom in my hand is filled with a gas that will temporarily turn you into a human!.  'What is a condom?" Sylph replied because she was unfamiliar with the word.  "Its a thin piece of latex for holding thing like air in!"Said Irene.

   "Here put you hands on the ones on my breasts.  Don't worry they are magic so you don't have to worry about popping them!"  Sylph slowly swam over and gently laid her hands on them. To her surprise they felt much firmer than bubbles did and made interesting noises as she slowly caressed them.  "Easy there Sylph,  I don't want to get hot and bothered to quickly I can feel your hands through the latex."  The mermaid quickly retracts her hands and blushes slightly mentally realizing that she had basically caressed Irene's breasts.

   "So are you interested?"  asks Irene.  The mermaid still blushing shakes her head in agreement.  "Good" says Irene "Lets first get the breasts on then!"  She than reaches to her right breast and removes the air filled condom with no air leaking out.  She than coaxes it onto Sylph's left breast.  It creates a peculiar sensation as it envelops her breast and almost feels like its sucking on her.  "Feels good right?  I told you they were magic." Says Irene as she proceeds to remove the condom from her left breast and attach it to Sylph's right breast. 

   "Alright are you ready Sylph?"  "Yes!" responded Sylph.  So Irene proceeded to stretch the opening of the pink gas condom over Sylph's head.  Sylph looked around as the condom had given the surroundings a shiny pink hue.  Shortly thereafter she felt a warmth growing in her breasts and tail.  She closed her eyes and proceeded to enjoy the feeling of warmth and the sucking of her breasts.

   After an unknown amount of time she hears an "Um-hum" from Irene.  Opening her eyes she notices that the condom over her head is smaller (about three-quarters of its prior size) and looking down she sees that her tail has split and the scales from her thighs up had turned to skin!  "Yeah sorry to trouble you during your basking but is the air in your bubble good to breathe?" Asked Irene.

   Turning towards her Sylph is surprised to see that the condom over Irene's head was less than half the size it was before.  "Yes of course it is!  Go ahead and swim right in." Said Sylph.  "Good I didn't want to miss the next part."  Replied Irene who then swam into the bubble and removed the condom from her head and took a few deep breaths before gesturing to the condom.  The condom proceeded to float out of the bubble towards Sylph.

   What is it going to do wondered Sylph.  The condoms intent was quickly made known as it proceeded to rub against Sylph's recently formed vagina.  Sylph started to breathe a little harder as the condom teased her lower lips whilst the ones on her breasts started to squeeze towards her.  "I thought this would help speed up the transformation!" Called Irene from the bubble.  "Now lets kick it up a notch!" Cried Irene.

   On that cue the lower condom entered into her body with long slow strokes making Sylph pant with pleasure causing the condom around her head to swell and deflate with every breath.  Looking around the mermaid notices that the bubble is in front of her and that Irene was slightly leaning towards her with one hand on the inner surface of the bubble and with the other she was fingering herself.

   Am I turning her on? Thought Sylph when suddenly the lower condom ramps up in speed.  "oh oh OHHHHHHHHHH!" Screamed Sylph in surprise as she experiences her first orgasm.  Panting she looks around.  "Pretty great right?"  Asks Irene with a smug smile.  "But you might want to get in the bubble now.  You are running low on air."

   Sylph than notices over her next big inhale that the condom almost touches her nose and has become rather foggy.  Swimming awkwardly to the bubble Irene reaches out to help Sylph in.  As she approaches the surface of the bubble the condoms on her breasts sway outward and detach rather than pass through, sealing themselves and floating by the sides of the bubble.  Upon entrance Irene quickly removes the condom from Sylph's head and releases it outside while Sylph thankfully inhales great gulps of air.

   "That was intense!"  Exclaimed Sylph "But I really want more".  "Oh don't worry, there is more."  Smiled Irene "Now i'm hot and bothered and may-hap we can mutually benefit".  "How?" asks Sylph still growing accustomed to her new anatomy.  "Here lay down facing up and open your legs to me".

   Sylph gently lowers herself onto the bottom of the bubble and did as she was asked.  "On the surface we call this scissoring" Explained Irene as she lowered herself down and opened her own legs and gently grabbed Sylph's ankles.  She then proceeded to slide Sylph back and forth gently colliding down below.  The new sensations from thighs on thighs quickly had Sylph moaning in pleasure.  The two inflated condoms outside drifted outside the bubble towards each of the women's heads while the other two drifted towards the bottom.  Sylph started to arch her back and started grasping at the bubble beneath her.  Irene sensing what was about to happen had the inflated condoms ready, she than increased the tempo and intensity while Sylph started to moan "Oh my god oh god OH MY GODDDDDD!!!"

   SPLOOSH!!  In her throes she had popped the bubble!!  Eyes closed holding her breath she's overcome with guilt.  She forgot that bubbles are easily popped by their creator.  When she suddenly hears "Hey you can open your eyes."  Eyes shooting open she sees that the inflated condoms have attached themselves around Irene's and her neck.  "Safety first lover."     Irene giggles while gently disengaging her legs from Sylphs.

   She than swims forward and embraces Sylph.  "If you enjoyed that your gonna love this..."Irene whispered drawing Sylph in to a kiss with the two layers of latex between them.  The two un-inflated condoms seeing their chance swell slightly with water and proceed to enter both Irenes and Sylphs vaginas quickly having Sylph moaning against Irene's mouth.  So sensitive after coming she quickly comes again.  "Don't worry Sylph we have plenty of time for this"  Irene coos, working her mouth against Sylphs......

   An hour later the two finally breach the ocean surface, the condoms on their heads barely inflated and extremely foggy.  They gently stumble onto the beach, remove the condoms from their heads and collapse in the sand.  They gently hold hands together and an Idea forms in Sylphs head.  "Irene?" she asks raising her head "How about I return the favor?  Would you like to be a mermaid for a day?"

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