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She first saw them move after she got out of the shower, a sudden movement of pink in the corner of her eye. When she looked, she just saw her thigh-high socks in a pile on the floor, and she wrote it off and assumed they had just fallen. But as she was getting dressed, she sat down on the bed, and noticed that they weren't there anymore. She frowned, wondering if she had imagined the entire thing when she felt something fuzzy on her toes and jumped back onto the bed.

In an instant, she felt the socks fly up her legs despite her panicked kicks. She could feel them... stroking her legs, and squirming around with her in them. She tried to get them off, but even though they slid around and moved freely, she couldn't move them down an inch. She groaned in frustration and threw herself back on the bed. She laid there a minute before blowing out an exasperated sigh and getting back up, to head into work. She wore jeans and chunky sneakers with a sweater, given the circumstances. She was lucky it was a holiday and no one would care what she wore. Even as she left her house, she could still feel the socks squirm occasionally, and her sneakers wouldn't stay tied, but she had to go.

At least on the drive in the socks didn't do anything, and she began wondering if she hadn't just imagined the whole thing. She pulled into the parking lot without incident, but once the engine was stopped and she started grabbing her stuff to head into the office, she felt her feet tapping on the floor. Her eyes snapped down and watched her feet, tapping happily away as if she was really excited for something. She felt really nervous about what happened next, but when she tried to step out of the car, her legs worked fine, and she headed in.


Jessie sat on the tall stool behind the register, her white sneakers on the floor under her, as she watched the "trunk'n treat" event outside the costume store. It had gotten pretty late, and the store was only a few minutes from closing. She sighed as she watched the kids thin out and tapped her nails on the glass counter waiting for the clock to tick out. It had been hectic earlier, as last-minute shoppers flooded the store for kids costumes for the event, and their own trick-or-treating in the next few days. She adjusted the ponytail her long, dark hair was in to kill a few seconds.

She had just gotten it sorted when the door opened. Jessie sat up a little straighter and spoke by reflex, "Hello, we're about to close in a few minutes, is there anything we can help you with?"

Looking down from the stool, she saw a girl in a witch costume, roughly the same height as she was, maybe even shorter. That was rare, since Jessie was 5' even, but this girl was clearly not a kid.

"Hi! I'm looking for costumes!" The girl tossed her long hair over her shoulder and planted her witch's broom next to her. "What kinds do you have left?"

Jessie sighed and laid on her best Customer Voice, "Well, we have a lot of costumes left, but like I said, we're going to close in a few minutes so there isn't a lot of time to browse. We open at ten a.m. if you'd like to come back tomorrow and have enough time to pick something out. Although your current costume is pretty good." And it was, if a little quirky. She had the standard witches hat and black dress, but neon striped stockings or knee socks, Jessie couldn't tell, ending in black canvass sneakers.

"Aw, I can't be back! I gots a lotta places to be!"

"Well, maybe your current costume will do, Ms?"

"First, my name is Sami, and second, it's not for me!"

Jessie shook her head, "Well Sami, ask them to stop by tomorrow and pick something out, we'll be open for another week."

Sami glared, "I want something now, you should show me!" A small smirk briefly appeared on Sami's face, just enough for Jessie to catch it.

"Look, I can't stay either, and we're closing, so you need to leave."

Sami reached behind her and pulled what looked like and old-fashioned bug-sprayer from... somewhere. Jessie's eyes went wide for a second, but then Sami knelt down and poked her head, and the sprayer, through the counter and sprayed her bare feet with whatever the hell was in the sprayer!

"HEY!" Jessie jumped down from the stool, jammed her feet in her sneakers, and backed away from Sami. As she stepped back, she felt an odd tension in her feet, a kind of excitement that made her want to jump up and down, and made it hard to keep her feet still.

She got out from behind the counter and confronted Sami. "What do you think you're doing? How did you do that? What was that stuff?" Jessie put her hands on her hips and tried to look intimidating, but her toes kept wriggling in her sneakers and throwing her slightly off balance. If she focused, she could sort of make them hold still, but as soon as her mind went elsewhere, her toes started wriggling again. It wasn't like she had to wriggle them, it was like they just did.

Sami did not look intimidated, though. "Oh my gosh, those sneakers are super-cute on you! They really pop with your color!"

Jessi glared. "Yes, I'm Filipina. Fuck you and get out."

"That was mean!" Sami pouted. "You're going to show me some costumes and I'll pick out something I like now."

"Look, don't make me call the police."

Sami seemed to ignore her, "Feet, let me see her soles!"

Jessie was confused, "Are you craHEY!" Suddenly, her feet spun her around all on their own and stood on tip-toe on her sneakers, popping her heels out and exposing her soles. Jessie felt her feet flex and turn, but it was the strangest feeling because she wasn't doing it!

Sami giggled, "Hi!"

Jessie tried to move, to turn back around, to lift her feet or get them back in her shoes, but they wouldn't move at all, for her. She could hear Sami come up behind her, and Sami kneeled down and ran a finger up Jessie's tight sole, making her break out in giggles.

"Cu-hut that ooout!"

Sami grinned. "Is someone ticklish?"

Jessie's feet wouldn't budge even a little, as she squirmed and laughed from the tickling on her soles.

Sami, however, seemed a bit perturbed, and pulled her sprayer back out. "I think we need a bit more."

Jessie couldn't see what was going on, but she felt whatever that stuff was hit her feet and ankles several times, and even dampen her capris and sneakers. Then she felt her feet start to move again, without her input. Her feet stepped out of her sneakers and turned back around. Her foot slid her shoes against the counter and then raised up and waved at the witch.

Sami was on her knees watching, "Therrrrre we are! Hi! How are my little piggly-wigglies?"

While she was annoyed by the baby-talk, she was more distressed by the fact that her feet wriggled their toes in response.

"Now, I need you to take care of this girl for me."

Jessie felt her foot left again and flex up-and-down, as if nodding.

"Ok, so, take her around, and pick out some nice costumes for her, ok?"

Her foot did that nod again and then both of her feet turned her around. Popping up on the balls of her feet, they started heading into the store. But she wasn't walking normally, it was a very sexual strut. With every step, her foot would slide down the other leg a bit. The dramatic, sexual gait actually made things quite a bit slower than they would've been, and after a minute or so of showing off, she blew out a huff.

"Oh quit showing off."

They actually did listen to her this time, at least a little. They moved to a less sexual stride, though she couldn't ignore the fact her feet were still basically walking a tightrope and rolling her hips. They walked her over in front of the "sexy costume" section and stopped.


They just stood there.

"No, come on."

They just stood there.

"I said no, give it u-up..."

Jessie looked down at her feet, and didn't see anything, but she could feel feathers brushing up against her soles.

"Hey! Cut that out!"

Her feet still didn't move, but the tickling made her squirm and giggle, at least above the waist. The fact that she couldn't move her feet away from the feathers made it worse.

"Aaaah come on quit!" She bent over and brushed at her feet, impulsively trying to get it to stop without being able to move her feet. She tried to stand up, but was laughing so hard that she had to brace herself against the display in front of her. As soon as her hand touched one of the costume packs, the tickling stopped and she could catch her breath. She glared down and lifted her hand.

"Nooo, c-come on!"

She burst out laughing now, not even trying to fight. After a few moments, she grabbed a few packs and it stopped.

"Ok. Phew. You win. Let's go."

Her feet didn't move.

"Oh come on, you got what you wanted. Now what?"

They still remained motionless.

"Oh what now?"

She got no reaction. She felt really stupid, arguing with her own feet, but the witch...

"Can we just go?"

Still no reaction.


Her toes wiggled at that word, and her feet turned sharply around and started walking back. Sami was poking around the cheap toys and props when Jessie's feet walked her back into the entrance. Sami perked up from the displays when she saw Jessie.

"Alright! Let's see what you got!"

Jessie's feet marched her right up to the counter, and she dumped the packets on the table.

"Just pick one and go. Or take them all, whatever, just let me go." Jessie was hoping everything would return to normal once the cute little witch left.

Sami giggled as she flounced over to the counter and stood on tip-toe to get a good look at the costumes, flexing her sneakers. She spread them and examined each pouch. Jessie's feet kept her a few steps behind Sami so that she couldn't see what Sami was looking at. After a few moments, her left foot began tapping impatiently. She looked down and sighed.

A sharp "Ah-HA!" made Jessie jump. Well, made most of Jessie jump. Sami was opening on of the packets, apparently she found something she liked. Jessie was hoping that the witch would take it and go, and just forget about her. Her stomach dropped, though, when Sami stuck that damn sprayer in the bag and began pumping. Jessie didn't think Sami would be leaving after all.

"Ok, so, you found, you know, your costume, can you take it and go?"

Sami had the mouth of the pouch popped open, and was gesturing into it as if trying to coax something out.

"Obviously I can't go yet! I haven't given you your costume!" Sami broke down into giggles as the package began to shift.

Jessie paled considerably, "My costume? I don't want a costume! I don't even like Halloween!"

Sami looked over and grinned. "I know! That's why I here, to get the holiday spirit into you!"

Jessie didn't think things could get any worse, and then the costume flowed out of the bag, flew in a circle, and then settled in the air just like it was being worn. It was a sailor fuku, complete with thigh-high stockings, though of course the skirt was so short it probably didn't cover anything.

Jessi stared at the costume in awe, as it continued prancing around.

Sami grinned, "Time to change!" She levelled her sprayer at Jessi, but before she hit the plunger, Jessie's pants unbutton.

"Wha- HEY!" Jessie grabbed at her the waistband to her pants, getting a good grip on them and holding them up.

"Huh," Sami looked surprised. Soaking your cute little feet must've done enough to get your pants too! Cool!"

Jessie glared at the self-impressed witch as she fought her pants. Her feet ended the stand-off, tipping her forward suddenly so Jessie threw her hands out in front her by reflex. Her pants shot down to her ankles and her (although it increasingly didn't feel like it) feet obligingly stepped out of them leaving Jessie in her top and thing.

Jessie blushed crimson as Sami looked her over and whistled as her feet began posing and showing off her legs, stretching out and crossing her legs, drawing attention to them (and how naked she was.

"I'm really happy I picked you for Halloween!" Sami walked over to Jessie close enough to give her shirt a good spray, the mist seeping into her bra and panties too.

Out of instinct, Jessie tried to run, even though she recognized that it was pointless. As she leaned back, trying to get away, she felt her arms being pulled up by the shirt as it drew itself off. Before it came off, as it covered her face, it tightened around her arms and pulled her straight up, leaving her bound in place.

After a moment of being blindfolded and bound, she felt Sami's fingers skitter across her tummy, drawing giggles her Jessie. She squirmed but didn't try to pull away. Sami kept this up , giggling herself, for several minutes before stepping back. Jessie' top slipped off, releasing her arms.

Sami turned to the clothes, "Shes's all yours."

Jessie pulled her arms down and braced herself. The costume sauntered over before its top half flew up suspended itself over her head.

"Ha! Need my help, hunh?" Jessie taunted, defiantly crossed arms. "Well, to ba-ow!" Shejerked forward before twisting to see if someone was behind her. Then she felt her thong shift, before snapping against her ass again. "Ow! Cut it out!" She reached back and tried to grab her underwear and only realized her mistake when her vision was covered by-and-whote fabric. Jessie could hear Sami breakdown in giggles as her head poked through the uniform.

"What're you laughing at?"

"You got beat by a thong! Ha!" Sami snorted, breaking down in giggles again.

Jessie didn't really have a choice but to force her arms through the sleeves, and when she did so, the sleeves of the costume. Almost immediately, the long sleevs forced her hands on hips and the skirt wriggled her hips back and forth, giving Sami another little show. Jessie rolled her eyes as her skirt and thong rolled her hips, barely covered by the short, pleated skirt.

"Alright! Nice!," Sami clapped, "You're ready to go trick or treating!

Jessie's right foot rose up and wiggled it's naked toes at Sami. Jessie tried to instinctively counter the change in her balance but found her clothes and legs were already supporting her.

Sami glanced at Jessie's foot, and then at the tall white socks, clapping her hands against her face, "Oh my gosh I totally forgot about you guys!" She stroked the top of the socks as they walked by her, moving towards Jessie.

Jessie watched nervously as the socks started to head over to her. On the first step they took, they turned themselves inside out. They stood side by side for a moment, crisp white heels facing Jessie, before dramatically spinning around and taking high, sultry steps towards Jessie. Watching those socks come over to her, she found herself aroused, though not for the first time tonight. "Her" costume got a little snugger as it seemed to notice her arousal as well. The socks ended up toe to toe with her feet. They stood facing off for a moment before one sock ran its foot up and down her calf, drawing a coo from her, and ending by playing with her toes, which played back. She and foot both squirmed under the flirty sock's touches.

After a moment more of footsie, the toes in the sock seemed to vanish as the sock pushed itself over her foot. It rolled itself over her leg, tightly stroking her as it pulled itself up. Once it was all the way, it pretended to adjust it's top, stroking her thigh, settling into place. The other sock repeated the sequence on her left foot.

Once the socks were on and settled, Jessie felt her feet being tickled through the socks. Unlike before, when her feet wouldn't move, they were twitching and dancing around as she giggled. Soft fingerstrokes ran up and down her soles and fuzzy fingertips played with her toes. Jessie started to laugh out loud and beg.

"Ok, ok, please. Ok." She pleaded with them for a few minutes more before they finally relented. She stood gasping her breath as her old sneakers walked over Jessie looked at them, "Where the hellhave you been hiding?" Her sneakers raised their heels and ppushed them together in an unmistakable shrug.

She sighed, "Just come on, its not like I have any choice here."

Her feet stepped unceremoniously into her sneakers, which tied themselves snugly on feet.

Sami walked over to her, bringing a plastic pumpkin trick-or-treat basket. "Now you're ready to go trick-or-treating!"

"You can't expect me to go out like this, do you?"

"Come on, poutyface, be nice!"

Jessie sighed once more, and took the upside-down bucket, revealing the sprayer. Sami hit the plunger with a wicked grin, and Jessie got a blast of it full in the face, and started coughing out of reflex. "Oh come on, enough!"

Sami grinned and leaned in close. "If you can fill up the buecket trick-or-treating, I'll find a new toy, deal?"

Jessie looked out the window, and saw only a handful of people left, packing their things up. "That's not fair. No one is still out there."

"I guess you better hurry then!" Sami dramatically pointed at the door and began shooing her, "Go, go."

Jessie's sleeves slipped an arm through the handle of the bucket, and her feet sauntered out the door.

There were only two people left in the lot. A big guy with a giant pickup, and another girl with small car. Jessie's lfeet headed over to the pickup, and she tried to force a smile.

She gulped, "Trick or treat!"

The older man looked her over, and smiled back, "I've actually finished for the night. Besides, aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating?"

"Well, I, uh," She needed to get this bucket filled, "I mean, I could take the leftovers off your hands? Think of, uh, all the cavities you'd be saving yourself from?"

He laughed, "Somehow I think I'll manage."

She struggled to come up with something when she felt her mouth open, "You can tickle my feet."

Now Jessie really felt trapped. She wasn't even control of her voice! Everything was happening and she could only watch!

He blushed a little, "What?"

Her voice dropped an octave and continued, "I have the tiniest, cutest feet you've ever seen, and they're just begging to be tickled." She felt the sneaker on her left foot loosen enough for her foot to slip out. "I can't even keep my feet in my shoes, they're so eager to get tickled. She felt her foot rub his leg. "You should teach it a lesson."

Inside, she was shouting at voice to shut the fuck up, and her foot to knock that shit off but she had completely lost control of her entire body.

Her internal reverie was interrupted by the man lifting her up easily and depositing her sideways in the driver's seat so that her legs dangled down the side of the truck in front of him., one socked foot and one sneakered foot. He picked up the one sneaker left behind and put in his pocket.

Jessie felt him grab her ankle in a rock -solid grip. Her foot squirmed and wriggled her toes. She couldn't really see what was going on, since he he was holding her foot from the side of the door. When he first raked his fingers slowly down her sole, she gasped and squirmed around trying to get out of it, but realized that here was no way she was going to escape. Even her own body would betray her.

He skittered his fingers across her soles, and she screamed with laughter. He played with her toes, she broke down in giggles. He dragged his fingers across her sole, and she cooed and moaned. She lost track, but at some point he had removed her other sneaker and began tickling both her feet, her socks holding her legs firmly in place. She felt like she was going to lose her mind.

Then she felt the fingers withdraw, and her sneakers get slipped on. She gasped and caught her breath over a minute of two, and realized she felt disappointed that the tickling had stopped. She leaned against the armrest of the chair and blew some hair out of her face, wondering what the hell was wrong with her. She felt his hands grab her waist and pick her up. "Oh, um, ok."

He put her gently on the ground, "Well, that was fun. Haven't had the chance to do that in years." He brushed the hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. She smiled.

He handed her the bucket, now mostly filled with candy. "Fair trade. Happy Halloween!"

She stood on tip-toe and kissed his cheek. "Happy Halloween!"

He climbed into his truck and drove off as her feet took her over to the only remaining person in the lot, a thin brunette that had several inches on her. Her feet strutted over to the girl, rolling her barely-covered hips over to the girl. Jessie smiled, "uh, Trick or treat?"

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