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Darkside telling you to WRITE SOMETHING DAMNIT


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on: October 23, 2014, 01:17:39 AM
Don't get discouraged when you write a piece, look back, and see that it's not quite as good as other stuff in existence. You're a bad judge of that for several reasons.

1) When you look at something you've written, you can see the reasoning behind every word, sentence, scene and plot point. You're a painter looking at something you've painted and seeing the brushstrokes, but no one else can see them - you have knowledge they don't. You might think a scene is stupid because it's in part gratuitous, but the audience may very well disagree.

2) There's no anticipation or surprise. This is partly because you wrote it and remember, but it's also because you wrote something that made sense to you. You will see the surprises and twists coming because you can recognize their set-up.

3) You recognize your writing style. Part of reading is being exposed to different styles of thought, so obviously you, as the author and reader, will not have that experience. You might cringe at a turn of phrase that no one else will notice because you don't like it, or think that a particular scene is implausible because you are looking at it from minimal suspension of disbelief.

So don't axe something without at least showing it to someone else, or putting it in Edit Hell, or something, at least. Too many good works are killed prematurely because of self-doubt and indecision.

Btw, I have a few scraps in Edit Hell. Go look at them.