Author Topic: A new live Schedule / Patreon Price Changes  (Read 996 times)


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A new live Schedule / Patreon Price Changes
« on: January 23, 2017, 09:35:06 PM »
Hi gang!
I'm going to use this post to update a bunch of things at once, so bear with me.

First off: I will be running a weekly LIVE schedule, starting tomorrow. The streams will go like so:

SUNDAY: Photomanipulations on the MAGICMYSTIQUE stream from 8PM-Midnight.
MONDAY: Illustrations on the VESTIPHILE stream from 8PM-Midnight.
TUESDAY: Alternates! 'A' weeks will feature an AskTheAuthor/Writing session on the MAGICMYSTIQUE stream for writing patreon subscribers (and occasionally guest authors).
                                   'B' weeks will feature a sketch stream running from 7-11, where I will do 10-30 minute sketches of varying subjects. Patreon subscribers get first dibs on subject matter.
WEDNESDAY: Illustrations on the VESTIPHILE stream from 9PM-Midnight
THURSDAY: TO BE ANNOUNCED! 9PM-Midnight. I may be doing manips, concepting, or drawing! I will announce plans by 5PM that day--but there will be SOMETHING happening!

WEEKENDS: Impromptu streams as announced; will try for advance notice where possible!

Now that I'm able to complete my planned work over the course of a month, some of you have asked that I make my pricing scheme more consistent and easy to understand. I'm listening!

Supporting Vestiphile Illustrations:
$1 month will earn you access to full-sized versions of things I post on dA or Tumblr. It also gets you access to a monthly Calendar pin-up in a seasonal theme (for me--in the temperate Northern Hemisphere! XD). Instead of depending on a messy image archive, these will be posted to Patreon. (There is no current $1 level--this is a new subscription level).

$3 month will earn you the above, plus access to a weekly naughty illustration having to do with Magic Mystique's themes. In any given month, I can promise you at least one living clothing pic and one transformation pic. Other themes like bondage, inflation, latex, and more will also come up. (NOW HALF the cost of the old $3/post level charged twice a month!)

$9 month will earn you the above, plus you can see most of my current WIPs, which I will post to Patreon 3x a week. If I work on it, YOU WILL SEE IT UPLOADED in 48 hours, no bones about it. (NOW HALF the cost of the old $9/post level charged twice a month.)

Supporting MagicMystique Fiction:
$1 month will maintain your premium access to the site. You get to see the exclusive stories, and you get to see the free stories 1-2 weeks earlier than unpaid members. (NOW HALF the cost of the old $1/post level charged twice a month!) New posts will go up at LEAST every two weeks, but likely more often.

$10 month gets you access to the secrets of the ONTOVERSE. You get to see supplemental info and notes for many of my stories, as well as access to a twice monthly writing workshop and Ask the Author stream. For this level, I'm adding one more thing: I will write no less than 500 words on an interactive post under a chapter path of your choosing! REALLY, REALLY wish that multi-story listing had a continuation? Sign up here, and you'll see a new one of your choice every month. You get that in addition to everything else. (This replaces the old $5/post level, and is essentially the same cost. For now, there will no longer be a third tier.)

Remain at $10/month for at least one fiscal quarter (3 months), and I'll send you a hand-written letter expressing my thanks for your continued support. Legacy folks from the current high-tier: you should already all have your letters, but I'm thinking up something special to do after a year. Being part of the $9/post level now qualifies you for however long you've been with me.

These are the new levels, gang. They're cheaper than before, and I'm offering more content.

I will be making all of these official announcements on the respective Patreons, Tumblr, and DeviantArt. Patreon levels will change over for the month of February. January has already seen two image posts and two story posts thanks to image pack #1 coming in on the first of the year. I will post an image pack to close this month, but you will NOT be charged for it.

Art Commissions are OPEN in a big way, too. I'm currently working on a visual price guide for that stuff. Stay tuned.