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on: May 01, 2017, 09:44:06 PM
In case you didn't see it on the Patreon page:
I didn't make my work quotas. Not even close.

I caught Art, but I didn't catch Writing.

I can catch up this month, but my dawdling shouldn't be on you--it should be on me.

I will honor all requests for April refunds.
NO IDEA WHY SMF MADE THIS LINE in a 4pt font when I posted, so here it is in REALLY BIG LETTERS.

And I apologize for being a fuck up. It won't happen again.
Realignment schedule coming Wednesday. Working on Interactives until then.

Sorry. Really sorry.
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Reply #1 on: May 02, 2017, 12:03:32 AM
I can't speak for all the Patreon subscribers, so I won't, that being said...

... I don't mind if you miss a quota, especially for writing, i think it's something you put alot of heart into and I know if you cut corners or made plot changes just too meet schedules you probably wouldn't be happy with what you made, and I want you to be proud of what you write.

Either way I know you will make content and I will enjoy it, that value, inconsistent as it may be, is what I pay and subscribe for.

Again I can't speak for everyone but that's my two cents, if you do truly feel guilty about it I would suggest moving to a pay per chapter system instead of per month.

Either way I'm happy to be here and happy to support you <3