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No job, more posts, new schedule!


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on: December 21, 2016, 04:11:41 PM
So...I'm looking at my posts and I'm not sure if I told you guys the whole story here specifically:

Did you know I quit my job?
No more long commutes, and for the next month and a half or so I'm building a couple of websites for cash. While this is happening, I'm sticking to a hard schedule of regular posts!

Every Saturday there'll be a new premium post, alternating between an image post (just happened this Saturday) and a chapter post (next one on Christmas eve!)
I will post interactives as I find the time (which is plenty), and will have one offs and other free stories to post to the site.

Remember, we take submissions too. If you want to contribute something to the main site, just let me know!

A lot of the premium art will stay premium. I will leak one from an image post now and then once the post is old, but right now I'm going to keep a lot of the hard work under a paywall. If you commission something directly, it always gets posted openly unless you set up something with me to the contrary.

Anything I've started free (Sadie and Maddie, Lilith, Adrik, etc...) will remain free, HOWEVER, when these chapters are part of a premium post, they'll accessible to contributors first--then opened to the general audience a few weeks later.
Anything I've started as premium (Inanna, so far) may remain premium for some time.

The Interactive is free as always, you just have to ask me to create you an account so that we can avoid people trying to sell us FOOTWEAR NIKE FOOTWEAR SNEAKERS FOOTWEAR NEW RELEASE SNEAKERS RARE SNEAKERS, etc, etc. Fuckin' vultures.

Any questions, ask away! This is a super exciting time. :D