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Chain Story Board / Re: Hormone Hijinks
« on: November 15, 2018, 07:38:24 AM »
True. I understand your point...

But to be honest, I have a fanfic where I do accept story ideas. It's one where the main characters watch a what-if machine. People send me ideas and if I find them interesting, I add them to a list and hope to get to them one day. I once wrote one person's story idea into a chapter, presented it to them, and they talked it over with one their friends, and the two of them wrote it into a full story. I guess I'm just hoping lightning strikes twice or something. But we're getting away from the topic.

Or really just making sure I don't step on anyone's toes myself. That and I like planning with others.

So let's decide on stuff that can be agreed upon, like names for the characters. Perhaps a character sheet can be added to the stories? After all, do we want to risk having like three different names for one character?

Chain Story Board / Re: Hormone Hijinks
« on: November 11, 2018, 09:52:13 PM »
I know. I'm just tossing ideas around for either refining them or to entice others into writing.

Chain Story Board / Re: Hormone Hijinks
« on: November 07, 2018, 05:39:56 AM »
One or two things I am tempted to do is a story-line where the clothes have their fun with Travis, but he is the only human notices... until other people start getting harassed. Even then, only those that are harassed notice that the clothes are moving on their own.

Another is that the clothes take over the store via moving the mannequins they are on and acting like employees.

Chain Story Board / Re: Forbidden Codex
« on: October 30, 2018, 03:49:21 PM »
Added a chapter and awaiting approval.

I'm getting a bit tempted to throw in a Mannequin, so the clothes can put themselves on it and magically-update it to look like a person while the clothes remain on it. If only to allow plotlines where the clothes can go out in public.

Either that or do a thing where if women's clothes put themselves on Adam, people around Adam see him as a woman. Even his reflection shows a woman.

Chain Story Board / Re: Forbidden Codex
« on: October 05, 2018, 10:03:29 PM »
Though I suggested it as a joke, I think I will be writing the 'Denise's magic clothes coming to life and she's a bit insulted that the clothes would rather read books, watch movies, and play games than molest her' idea.

What can I say? the idea grew on me.

Chain Story Board / Re: Forbidden Codex
« on: October 03, 2018, 10:42:51 PM »
You're right, it is Adam. Dunno why I thought it was Alex.

Chain Story Board / Re: Forbidden Codex
« on: October 02, 2018, 11:54:36 PM »
I'm honestly open to suggestions.

Otherwise, I'd probably write that Denise's clothes are also 'alive', but unlike Alex's Mom's clothes, they're more 'roommate that bums around and uses your stuff' than anything else and that Denise didn't make any contact with Alex because... I dunno. Maybe she didn't want to upset the clothes? Maybe she wanted to see what it was like having a roommate? Maybe she read a lot about magic clothes coming to life and was a bit insulted that the clothes would rather read books, watch movies, and play games than molest her?

That last one was a joke, but I can probably write it if someone wants me to.

Chain Story Board / Re: Forbidden Codex
« on: September 30, 2018, 08:50:00 AM »
I guess the chapter needed to be approved first, as I can use the link.

Off-Topic Board / Re: Video games (whatcha playing and what to suggest!
« on: September 29, 2018, 09:10:25 PM »
I understand the feeling, Vest. Most of my personal favorites are 20 years old as well.

I was checking my Steam list and another suggestion I have is Tabletop Simulator.

Play some board games with friends and strangers online. Heck, you can even play Dungeons and Dragons. Or perhaps search for those board games that you played a video alongside it.

If you're into Point-n-click adventure games with a bizarre sense of humor, then perhaps Telltale's Sam & Max series? Bit of a major shame that Telltale is closing, though.

About the modern-ish FPS I played was DOOM 2016. Haven't completed it though.

Off-Topic Board / Video games (whatcha playing and what to suggest!
« on: September 28, 2018, 09:24:55 PM »
Felt like putting this up.

The MMO I play the most (if not the only one) is Star Trek Online. Been cutting back a bit on it for some time now.

The game I mostly play is Stardew Valley. Good gravy, is that a peaceful game. You farm like In Harvest Moon, but there's two big differences that make Stardew Valley better in my eyes.

1.) You can date men and women. There's six bachelors and bachelorettes at your own choosing. but there's been an update that allows multiplayer and you can marry one of the other players!

2.) You aren't pressured to marry in one year. You can play at your own pace, so you can play without getting married.

Chain Story Board / Re: Forbidden Codex
« on: September 28, 2018, 07:13:23 PM »

In the context of Forbidden Codex, newer chapters going down this route can have the enchanted clothes completely dominate the protagonist, then dominate the mother, then dominate the next door neighbors, then so on and so forth. And then soon enough the entire country - you get what I'm saying.

Something like that would be more like Vest's Household magic going into Adriksehn:Skipper. I'm afraid to because it'd feel like I'm stepping on Vest's toes, though.

I'm tempted to do something like the hivemind, but have little personalities show up with certain clothes/clothes combinations. They'd still be a part of the hivemind, much like your fingers and toes are a part of you.

Probably toes would be better as an example because some people walk with their toes in the air a little and some walk with their toes always touching the ground, much like that the personalities have some freedom. Which one do you do without thinking?

Tempted to throw another idea into the Forbidden codex. Becoming your costume idea! It can be argued it doesn't count as magic clothes, but it's really the clothes overshadowing the wearer's existance. Want the wearer to come back? Strip the clothes off. Besides, it's a halloween idea!

Chain Story Board / Re: Forbidden Codex
« on: September 26, 2018, 05:17:56 PM »

I have a few ideas, but ones that don't necessarily are restricted to one story. So if they interest anyone and they want to use them for the other stories.

1.) Clothes putting themselves on a mannequin. Dunno if the mannequin would move like a person, robot, or puppet.

2.) The old 'wear a costume and it influences your actions' plot. Put on a cheerleader costume, get urges to perform a cheer. Put on a catwoman costume, get urges to tie up people, seduce them, and steal from them.

3.) The clothes are a hivemind. The more clothes magically active, the smarter the hivemind gets, and the more personality shifts the hivemind gets.

I had more, but I can't quite remember what they are.

Off-Topic Board / Re: The Most Personal Post
« on: September 26, 2018, 05:13:07 PM »
Jayhawk, I'll keep you in my prayers.

Updates / Re: Writing Patreon is deleted, more to follow
« on: September 24, 2018, 09:05:58 AM »

Tee only reason I haven't posted more chapters is I get burned out when I reach about 300 words per session. I'm jealous of you for being able to easily go past that.

General Discussion / Re: Morale thread
« on: August 29, 2018, 05:49:10 PM »
Hey, I approve if you port my chapters to Chyoa.

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