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General Discussion / Introductions SpinOff
« on: October 07, 2018, 11:26:42 PM »
Hey. Invisible Lurker here. I lurk. LC, invisibility, furry stuff, telekinesis and stuff. My ideas are creative (I guess) but my actual writing itself are garbage.

Hey! It's a clone! Except the furry part - we need to nuke them. How are you, fellow lurker?


However, we are intellectuals. We already know what's going on.

General Discussion / My own take on the Vestian power levels and classes.
« on: January 04, 2018, 02:50:25 PM »
This is kind of like a response to the other thread Vestiphile made. I figure that the Vestian population not only has ranked Vestians but also specialized Vestians more suited to one role than other roles. Obviously not canon but here we go:

Vestians (Normal Name/Hardmode Name)

Vestian Controller/Techy
  • Magical Level: Medium.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Special Ability: Electronic Manipulation. These Vestians are well experienced in the art of controlling electronics. Using their magic, Controllers are able to power electronic machinery such as computers and printers. Higher level Controllers are able to manipulate the individual pixels on a computer screen, warping images and videos without the need for the usual software. Some of the highest level Controllers are able to spoof electronic readers such as card readers and fingerprint scanners, allowing access to more restricted areas without the system ever believing that such areas were accessed by some unseen entity.
Vestian Tosser/Bombardier
  • Magical Level: High.
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Special Ability: Ether Grenades. These specialized Sentries are able to pack and condense magic into a volatile ball of energy. How much energy is in the little ball is up to them. These Sentries are most commonly found in Human areas where they are called in to break up possible riots, using non-fatal Ether Grenades for crowd control. Higher level Tossers can lob very powerful balls of energy, each one with enough power to blow a hole into even the toughest structures.
Vestian Wisp/Sprite
  • Magical Level: Low.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Special Ability: Tangible Hallucinations. These rather sadistic Vestians are the guards inside the farms. While their magical level is low compared to other Vestians, they are still a greater match than any mundane Human. Carefully using their magic, they are able to form hallucinations that are only seen by their unfortunate victim. These hallucinations are completely tangible to their victim but are otherwise unseen by others around them. Sometimes, these hallucinations are often harmful to their victim: in one case, a Human was fighting with whom she claims was another Human, though the Humans around her were no where near her location.

These were the kinds that were on the top of my head when I was thinking about Vestians and how the work and what not.

Off-Topic Board / Literally gonna kms over this avatar change thing.
« on: December 30, 2017, 08:50:59 PM »
How did you guys change your avatar? Tried direct links from imgur, tried direct links from my own folders - nada.

Need some help because I never had this kinda problem on other forum boards.

Off-Topic Board / Can I get some feedback on this pixel art I made?
« on: December 30, 2017, 08:46:25 PM »
Now, I know this isn't at all related to the stories but I wanted some feedback as this site's  all about magic, right? I'm planning on starting my own DA account with the settings from the stories here as one of my primary sources for ideas and topics. You may want to open up a pixel art program like Piskel in order to bask in the full glory of this trash. What do you all think?

Original Size:

Enlarged (slightly blurry, sorry):

Here's what each symbol is supposed to mean, from top left to bottom right:
  • Fire: recognizable in many RPG's and other fantastical settings. One of the first spells taught.
  • Lightning: another recognizable spell. Useful for paralyzing enemies or overloading electronics.
  • Ice: almost as recognizable as fire spells. Could be used as a replacement for freezers.
  • Healing: if you don't know what green crosses mean in video games, you've never played enough of them.
  • Dark: typically seen on necromancers and other demonic entities. Purple is a standard, apparently.
  • Technological: at some point in the future, technology might as well be synonymous to magic.
  • Earth/Stone: uncommon, though the most expert magicians in this field can literally move mountains.
  • Mundane: you have no magic. Simple as that.
  • Anti-Magic: chaotic and unappealing. This stuff chews through normal magic like the Blob.
Other notes:
  • The one for tech and mundane look similar because I figured they would originate from the same mundane origin. One origin may focus on technology a lot while the other kind of "plateau's" in tech development.
  • The Dark symbol was supposed to represent ethereal magic like telekinesis, as mentioned in the stories. I figured, though, that a purple coloring more suited the more "evil" magic stuff.
  • I tried to make the Anti-Magic symbol more chaotic looking but you could only do so much with pixels.

Hello all! I'd like to contribute some ideas/drafts I have to the site. Before I do so, I usually like to have some really nit picky questions answered before diving head first into the discussions.

So, one: how do I change my avatar/profile picture and how do I know if it is done?

Two: do my posts have to be full on stories and story ideas, art, etc?

And finally: are there any "red flags" I have to avoid? Example: what is offensive here, what topics/ideas should I avoid, etc?...

Thanks for reading! I'll try to see if I have something for the forums later in the week if I can... Also if there is a FAQ page, I'll usually read through it all.

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