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General Writing Forum / Chapter 3
« on: June 12, 2019, 09:09:26 AM »
I need someone to help me proof chapter 3.  Any takers?  Its super amateur and will need a lot of work I'm sure.  I don't want to release it on the forum or the discord until someone has proofed it.  Let me know!

General Discussion / Where's Ves?
« on: July 23, 2017, 12:36:26 PM »
Anyone know what happened to Vestiphile? Not like him to be gone this long with no communication.  Hope everything is ok.

General Writing Forum / Phenomenology is Phenomenal
« on: April 20, 2017, 05:40:44 PM »
Really digging this story.  Has a lot of guts, is a little dark and it captures my attention.  Great work so far!

General Discussion / Sitting here patiently...
« on: January 07, 2017, 08:51:56 PM »
Where is Sadie and maddie?!?


General Writing Forum / New story
« on: July 29, 2016, 04:57:41 AM »
So I don't write.  Pretty much ever, but I got this idea the other day and I'm hoping someone can help me develop it a bit more because I know I'm not a good writer.  I have ideas on how it will continue to progress and I think its somewhat fresh to the type of writing thats found here in that it isnt about living clothing but is about a girl having a special power over a guy, which i hope kind of fits in here at least a little bit and I do plan on bringing LC into it a bit later on.  So criticism welcome and I hope you like it!

Untitled For Now.

Kay took a step out of the cab along with Tom whom she had just met at the bar that she frequents.  They had hardly been able to keep their hands off of each other after they got to talking and made out a little bit outside the bar after sharing a smoke.  In fact she thought about the fact that the cab driver may have been a little uncomfortable but she didn’t think much of it because she knew that there was something special about Tom and it was something only she could see. 

Tom grabbed her hand and rushed her into his apartment building.  He fumbled with his keys and struggled to open the door in the dark hallway.  Right after opening the door open Kay came from behind and wrapped her arms around him and jumped on his back.  “Bedroom.  Now.”  Tom had no problems with the request whatsoever.  And brought her into his bedroom.  Looked rather typical for a guy.  Not the cleanest as she noticed clothes all over the floor and the bed wasn't made.  Tom felt compelled to apologize for the mess.  “Sorry for the way it looks in here.  I really wasn't expecting to have extra company with me tonight.”  “Not a problem, but maybe you should look into a maid service” she said jokingly.  “You're probably right! Especially after what this place is gonna look like when I'm done with you tonight.”  Kay squeezed her arms and legs around him harder, “Hold your horses lover boy” she then asked where she can go freshen up quickly.

Tom playfully threw Kay onto the bed and pointed to the bathroom door and, “Don't keep me waiting too long now.”  Kay walked into the bathroom shut the door and immediately opened up her purse and took out a shaky looking white stone that fit easily in the palm of her hand.  She held it up to the door and it started to turn a brighter white and glow.  “This thing better be right.  He could finally be the one to really help me unleash my potential power.”  Kay put the rock back in her purse and looked in the bathroom mirror.  She took off her blouse and her jeans figuring she would come out of the bathroom and get straight to the point.  She left her bra and panties on and took some perfume out of her purse and sprayed a bit in all the right places. She looked herself over in the mirror and struck a few poses. She was proud of her body as she worked hard to keep it in excellent shape.  She had curves in all the right places.  She was tone without being overly muscular and had nice full breasts which bordered D cups.  Her ass was tight and an excellent shape without being too large.  Happy with how she looked she took a breath turned off the light in the bathroom and slowly opened the door.  She saw Tom there waiting on the bed.  He had already taken his shirt and jeans off and she could see he was in pretty good shape by and she really liked what she saw.  She also noticed that he liked what he saw as well, “You are unbelievably hot” he said.  “Thanks stud.” 

She approached the bed and Tom started to feel something really strange.  Tom was already starting to slowly harden in his boxers but it seemed like with each slow step toward the bed his cock would get harder but also he could feel his cock start pointing towards her.  It was something he was aware of but he had this unbelievable hot girl walking towards him so he didn't pay it much attention. 

When she got to the bed she bent over so he could see her full cleavage in her bra and was definitely at full hardness.  His cock was pointing straight at her.  Then as she crawled over him she slowly made her way up his body making her way up to his face.  While watching her get closer he didn't really notice but his cock was following her face while still being concealed in his boxers.  And as she passed his cock he felt it start to move more, but it actually felt kind of good as it rubbed against his fitted boxers.  When she finally got to eye level with him his hard-on was pointing straight up to the both of them and they started to kiss passionately.  Kay started to grind her panty covered pussy against up and down  his hard on.  She playfully said, “Seems like someone really wants to come out to play.”  She slowly kissed down his stomach and she put her hands on the boxers and left a little room for an opening in the boxers and as he was watching her he couldn’t help but notice that it looked like as she made the opening in the front of his boxers his cock started to flex and move on its own until his 7” cock poked its way out of the hole that she made.  He didn’t really know what was going on but wasn't too worried about it as he knew that this unbelievable beautiful girl was about to go down on him. 

Kay stared at his cock and and moved down a little bit to stare at it while laying on the bed in between his legs.  Of course it pointed straight at her mouth.  “Hello there big boy,” She said looking at his cock.  He could swear that he felt his cock bob up and down as if to respond to her.  He couldn’t mistake this whatsoever and asked, “Did you see that?”  “See what? She said with a smile on her face.  “Oh nothing never mind just really excited for whats coming.” “Oh you have no idea just how much cumming you'll be doing after I'm done with you.”  She started to move closer to his cock and of course it went straight in and she started to suck him off. She moved slowly at first just moving his tip around in her mouth.  Then she started to slowly move up and down his length. Taking in a little more each time.  Her face was directly over his cock with her hands holding her up.  He felt his balls start moving around as if they were being cupped and held.  Little did he know that Kay wasn't actually touching his balls and she was causing him to feel this extra pleasure as they felt like they were being worked by an expert hand. Within a moment or two she had taken his length into her throat and easily held him there while working her throat and tongue in a way that he had never felt before.  Her soft moaning was making the experience just that much better and once again little did he know that she was actually causing his cock to vibrate because his cock was now officially hers. 

Kay then lifted her lips off of his cock and wrapped her hand around and started jerking him slowly.  She looked up to him and said, “Tom, I don't think you realize how lucky you are right now. You are about to have one of the best orgasms of your life.”  “I'm waiting baby keep going,” He said. Kay then let go of his cock and stared at him, his cock slightly bent toward her, “I want to keep going but I also want to try something and see if its going to work if you are feeling a little adventurous.” 
“Sure Kay anything just please don't stop!”

“Just let me explain... I bet that I can make you cum in three minutes without even touching you.” 

“What?” he chuckled, “There is absolutely no way that you can do that.  You are unbelievably hot and all but I haven't been one to have a loose trigger.”

“Well you are probably right, but I would like to try and if I do get you to cum without touching you have to promise that you will do whatever I want sexually for the rest of the night. If I can't I promise to still give you a mind blowing blow job and then fuck you senseless. Kind of a win/win for you right?Deal?”

“You got a bet! You got 3 minutes!”

“Good!” She looked at the clock and said, “When the clock says 1:34 you will be cumming your brains out by 1:37!  Just be ready!”

“I'll believe it when I see it.”  To be honest he thought this was all a bunch of bs, but it did turn him on more to think that she can make him cum without touching him.  He knew there was probably some trick where she grabs something and uses that to jerk him off and says, 'See I didn’t touch you!' and that’s it, but then as he was looking at the clock he felt Kay get up off the bed and stand in front of it. He looked at his cock and saw it followed her looking right at her.  She was literally just standing there and his cock just pointed right at her.

He then looked at the clock and not two seconds later it read “1:34.”  As soon as that happened he looked at her and she smiled and pointed her index finger out at him.  She then pointed it straight into the air towards the ceiling and his cock instantly shot right up towards the ceiling.  He gave his cock a shocked look and then he heard her giggle and he saw her bring her hands to her body and started rubbing them all over herself.  At that very moment he started to feel tiny sensations up and down his cock rubbing him up and down.  He was in awe of what was going on and was tensing a little bit but the sensation felt amazing.  Her body was basically a totem of his cock and wherever she touched herself she felt it.  If she touched her head he felt pressure onthe head of his cock.  If she rubbed her body he felt it along his shaft.  He was thinking he was starting to lose his mind when he noticed she made an “O” shape with her mouth and he could instantly feel something wet over the tip of his cock.  She then licked her lips and felt a tongue slowly swirl over his tip.  He stared wide eyed at his cock as all he saw was his cock pointing straight into the air, but felt all these amazing sensations without her being anywhere near his cock.  He tried to sit up but then she put her hand in the air and motioned stop and said,

“Don't freak out.  Just feel and let it happen and I promise you will enjoy this more than you would ever imagine.”

He calmed and laid back down still feeling the sensations up and down his cock.  He stared back at her again and then noticed she started swaying her hips.  Next thing he noticed his cock was literally mimicking her moves! He had never seen or felt anything like this. 

About 25 seconds in she then started squeezing and rubbing her tits and he then felt his balls being played with like he had never felt before.  It was almost like two tiny hands were massaging each testicle.  It was weird but felt incredible.  He couldn't take his eyes off of the site before him.  This ridiculously hot woman whom he had just met seemed to have total control over his cock.  He had no idea why but this all felt right and he wanted more.

Kay started to moan, and now he felt what could only be described as ecstacy as he felt his cock vibrate each time she moaned.  The louder she moaned the harder the vibrations. He knew he was going to lose it soon and around the one minute mark she began her next trick. 

She decided to take it to the next level by continuing her slow movements while removing her panties showing her completely shaven pussy to him.  She brought her left hand back up to her bra covered breast and then with her right she  pointed straight up again.  His cock stood at full attention and seemed to start getting even harder. She lowly moved her middle finger down between her perfect pussy lips.  That’s when he felt it.  It was unmistakable.  He felt a sopping wet pussy start to lower itself onto him.  It felt like heaven.  He was in so much pleasure that he didn't even care to think how all of this was happening.  All he knew was that he didn't want it to stop.  She started to build up speed and that’s when it felt like he was being ridden by the tightest, warmest pussy he had ever been inside his entire life.  He was gonna blow soon and Kay knew it so she wasted no time and used her power to increase his pleasure and keep the speed up knowing that he wouldn't last much longer.  She could feel his balls calling out to her ready to release just for her.  She removed her hand from her tit and simply snapped her finger.  Tom let out a bellowing moan closed his eyes threw his head back and his cock completely erupted.  He could feel what felt like torrents of cum erupting from his tip.  At the very same moment after causing Tom to erupt Kay also experienced a powerful orgasm and fell forward onto the bed but was also sure not to lose concentration.  Tom and Kays orgasms lasted for at least 30 seconds and they finally calmed down and Tom opened his eyes again.  He saw Kay laying on her side in between his legs and also looked up and saw the strangest sight he had ever seen.  It looked like spider webs floating in the air and Tom instantly knew what it was.  It was his cum.

Kay had come down as well and rolled over onto her back with her head just in front of his ballsack and deflating cock and had her mouth wide.  Tom was in awe of the situation and the next thing he knew all the sperm that was defying gravity splashed all over Kay some on her face some in her mouth some on her bra covered tits and the rest all over her body.  He was in absolute shock, and heard her let out a giggle as it fell all over her. 

Tom was in shock at what he had seen and the toll of such an orgasm had taken root and he immediately passed out. Kay sat up and felt the process starting.  Her body immediately started absorbing his cum and she immediately felt a tidal wave of pleasure put her arms back and threw her hips in the air and started squirting.  The pleasure overtook her and at that moment she had known that she had found the one that she was looking for the stone finally led her to the one she needed. She couldn't wait to make him hold up his end of the their little bet and with a rush of energy from absorbing all of that high energy cum she stood up and saw that Tom had Passed out. 

"Oh no you don't"

 To be continued...

Off-Topic Board / Site issue
« on: June 02, 2016, 10:35:29 PM »
I try to go to and my antivirus says that there is a virus attached to the page and its instantly blocked.  This just started happening recently.  I have no virus' on my computer currently.  If anyone else is experiencing this please let me know.

Infection: JS:Injection-I [Trj]

Only on forum has no problems.

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