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Off-Topic Board / Video games (whatcha playing and what to suggest!
« on: September 28, 2018, 09:24:55 PM »
Felt like putting this up.

The MMO I play the most (if not the only one) is Star Trek Online. Been cutting back a bit on it for some time now.

The game I mostly play is Stardew Valley. Good gravy, is that a peaceful game. You farm like In Harvest Moon, but there's two big differences that make Stardew Valley better in my eyes.

1.) You can date men and women. There's six bachelors and bachelorettes at your own choosing. but there's been an update that allows multiplayer and you can marry one of the other players!

2.) You aren't pressured to marry in one year. You can play at your own pace, so you can play without getting married.

General Writing Forum / possible fanfiction ideas...
« on: August 25, 2015, 11:08:51 PM »
i know it's not a thing on this board. As in 'not what we usually write' kinda thing, not 'that is banned' thing.

But every once in awhile, I get ideas for fanfiction involving magic clothes in one form or another.

Like one for Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of time. Link discovers a new garment, one that combines the red and blue tunics' abilities, a purple tunic. However, after Link wears it for some time, he quickly learns that the Tunic is a magical being, one that now controls his body. The magical Tunic can even temporarily change his gender if it feels like. However, whether it's a servant of Ganondorf or not is a mystery. I'm on the fence myself.

Another is for To Love-ru. I wouldn't be surprised if none of you were aware of the character in the series. The character I'm talking about is a sentient robot whose function is being someone's clothes. They can change themselves to look like any clothes and can even change to look like a human if need be. Their name is Peke. The idea is that Peke decides to take advantage of their ability to both change their form and change other people's clothes for erotic purposes. As for why, since it's out of character for a sentient servant computer... Computer virus?

I know, I know, I'm probably going to be the only one that adds ideas to this topic, as it's more fun to create one's own world than to play in someone else's sandbox. I don't mind.

Over the weekend, I'm going to be making a story path in FCD, pretty much inspired by the pics in this topic. I don't see the need to create a story for itself, as the spellbook will still be important.

At the moment, I'm tempted to either have Denise or Adam read more of the codex and learn how to summon a succubus. The book details several kinds, but the one they use binds it to clothes as its vessel on the mortal plane.

Unless I'm given a better choice or if I'm denied doing so, I'm probably going to use using a black latex suit, since I like how the suit looks in the photos.

So one chapter will be the gathering of ingredients for summoning and the summoning itself, the next is a chat with the bound succubus, and then the path will be split.

In one path, the succubus will do whatever Denise or Adam want of her, as long as she's given sexual pleasure to feed off of.

In another, The succubus traps the spellcaster inside of its latex prison/body, and then begins to molest them until either the spellcaster becomes enslaved to the succubus or until the succubus has enough power to make more of its fabric to cover all of the body and change how it appears. Touching any part of the suit still will feel like latex, though. Latter choice probably might include some TG, because , hey! sex demon!

A third path is that the succubus laughs and leaves. It then either finds some sap who does whatever the succubus says, as long as the succubus either blows the person's mind with pleasure every night from now on or makes the person more popular.

A possible fourth path is similar to the first, but the succubus is a devious little demon who wants to summon more demons bound in clothes to... TAKE OVER TEH WERLD! Kinda tempted to make this path slightly Crack fic-ish. To those that are unfamiliar with the term 'crack fic', it's a story that is mostly humorous, or tries to be.

Defunct Chain Story Board / Rocket's Chain Story (comments)
« on: May 06, 2015, 12:30:46 AM »
I'd like to help, but I kinda need some more details.

Can you give a short description of Georgina, the interviewer, and what job she's trying to get?

Off-Topic Board / Does anyone here write fanfiction or draw fanart?
« on: April 09, 2015, 09:20:51 AM »
I write fanfiction myself. I tend to go with anime and manga, though. Mostly Ah! My Goddess and Love Hina.

 Here is a link to my FFN account.

I wrote this chapter a few weeks ago, but writer's block soon hit me. So suggestions will be appreciated. I don't have any choices written because of the forementioned writer's block.

Which origin for sentient clothes do you prefer, even a little bit over the others?

Honestly, I kinda prefer Magical origins.  Mainly because magic is harder to explain in a story and can get away with it being left at 'magic did it'. Clothes can float, fly, and spread their sentience all over other clothes without much explanation, if any.


Technological origins, however, have a way to boost up wordcount. Technobabble! Put in an explanation of nanites who developed a hivemind can give clothes sentience and the ability to move around. While Nanite-infestec clothing might not be able to fly or be able to unless an outfit is put together and have enough nanites set aside for those functions, one can have a slightly alien feel for a time while seperate clothes are wandering about. As for how the Nanite infested clothes can see, every nanite has eyes, so the nanite-infested clothes have compound eyes all over their bodies.

Or if it's just one outfit, have a specific button/jewel/hard bump/dogtag be the eye, mouth, and mind of the outfit. Something like this might be able to get away with being able to float a few feet, depending on if the outfit has extra jewels or hard bumps on its arms and legs.

Sentience might be hard to explain. There's the old standby of a virus giving intellect to the computer. There's 'being advanced enough that the computer was able to think for itself' origin. There's also 'an adaptive program adapted itself to think after enough time passed or someone told it to' origin.


A mix of the two can be interesting and would be able to solve a lot of problems. A problem with this is that it might make the clothes into a Mary Sue if left unchecked. That'd be one weird story, though.

Imagine reading a story where some socks and a pair of panties are overpowered enough that they became a character that couldn't lose and everyone that tried to fight them lost and decided the socks and panties were in the right.

The Mary sue thing can happen to all the origins, though. Not just this one.


As for other, all I can think of is Tsukumogami. For those that might not know, Tsukumogami are of Japanese mythology. They are Youkai that are one hundred year old objects that gained a soul, came to life, and are self-aware. Most are harmless, but those that were thrown away are vengeful. This might fall under magical origins, though.

Please tell a little bit why you like a certain style of clothes above any other that you like reading about becoming animated in a story if you can or are willing to.

As for myself, I'm kind of partial to Gothic Victorian clothes myself. As for why, they seem elegant and stylish, especially the dresses. The idea of seeing them become animated via magic or technological means is an attractive one, though one I'd admit to freaking out a little if it were to ever happen and I'm not expecting it.

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